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Ahead of this afternoon’s Holyrood debate on City Region Deals across Scotland, the SNP has called on the UK Government to match the SNP Government’s funding commitment for these investments.  

While the SNP Government is injecting over £1.3 billion into the four City Region Deals in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness - the UK is delivering over £300 million less. 

When it comes to the Ayrshire Growth Deal, the UK Government has so far refused to make any concrete commitments, in stark contrast with the SNP Government which has consistently pledged support.
The figures underline the need for the UK Tory Government to match the SNP’s ambition for Scotland’s economy, with the SNP calling upon the UK Government to stump up the difference when it comes to City Region and Growth Deals.
SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson, who sits on Holyrood’s Local Government Committee, has also echoed the Committee’s report in calling on the UK Government to ensure no areas miss out in these funding deals. The Committee Report said: 

“Whilst we understand that there are great gains to be made in our major urban conurbations, this cannot be at the expense of other towns in Scotland, some of which are larger in population terms that some of our cities. Nor should our remote and rural areas miss out.”

Commenting, Kenneth Gibson said:
“The SNP Government has been instrumental in finally getting City Region deals delivered across Scotland; leading the way in investing over £1.3 billion in the deals that have been signed so far. However, when you tally up the overall amount the UK Government is investing in Scotland it is clear Scotland is being sold short by over £300 million.

“And as we look ahead to other City Region and Growth Deals across Scotland, including in Ayrshire, the UK Government must commit to matching the Scottish Government’s funding. They can’t continue to sell our communities short.
“The Tories must answer for the fate of our missing millions and ensure that it isn’t just cities that benefit from this investment, but towns and rural areas too. These deals are designed to lift regions up and the UK Government's refusal to invest in parts of Scotland which are already more deprived, defeats the purpose.
“If the Tories can find the money for grubby deals with the DUP and their reckless Brexit plans, they can and must find the funds to treat Scotland fairly.” 
The Scottish Government is investing the following in city region deals in Scotland:
Glasgow - £520,000,00
Aberdeen - £379,000,000
Inverness - £135,000,000
Edinburgh - £300,000,000
SG Total = £1,334,000,000
UK Government is investing the following in city region deals in Scotland: 
Glasgow - £523,670,000
Aberdeen - £125,000,000
Inverness - £53,100,000
Edinburgh -£300,000,000
UKG Total -  £1,001,770,000

Committee report available in full at: https://sp-bpr-en-prod-cdnep.azureedge.net/published/LGC/2018/1/8/City-Regions--Deal-or-No-Deal-/LGCS052018R1.pdf

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