Tuesday, 21 November 2017 15:49


A Tory councillor has quit the party due to his colleagues’ hard-right views on public sector cuts – in the latest sign that the party is quickly moving further to the right across Scotland.

Councillor Walter Wilson resigned from the Tories last night, branding his former colleagues “right-wing extremists” for their plans for devastating cuts to services across Moray. This is despite Mr Wilson previously posting hard-right opinions on social media before his election in May.
The episode has led to calls from the SNP for Ruth Davidson to launch an inquiry into the Tory group on Moray Council, which is proving too far-right for even its own members to stomach – in a clear sign of the direction that the Tory party is moving in locally under MP Douglas Ross and across Scotland under Ruth Davidson.
Commenting, SNP MSP for Moray, Richard Lochhead said:
“The extraordinary resignation of a councillor due to the repugnant and extremist views of his colleagues lifts the lid on the ugly politics at the heart of Moray Conservative Party.
“This latest revelation comes so soon after local Conservative MP Douglas Ross was in the news because of his own intolerant views against minorities. 
“Ruth Davidson must immediately order an investigation into her Moray organisation. 
“Many local people will be troubled that some of the elected representatives who run Moray Council are deemed to be extremists by a colleague who sat in meeting after meeting with them behind closed doors and has now decided he simply can’t stomach their vile views any longer.”

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