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Transport Minister Humza Yousaf today confirmed that Scotland is leading the way on Active Travel – with government spending set to be more than twice as high per head as in England and around three times more than in Wales.

The Scottish Government recently committed to doubling the Active Travel budget from £40 million to £80 million from 2018/19. Plans to appoint an Active Nation Commissioner and develop new long-distance cycling and walking routes, as well as connect the A9 to the National Cycle Network through 21 miles of new cycleways, were also announced.
The A Nation With Ambition strategy also included plans to encourage the use of electric bikes “to ensure as many people as possible can benefit from active travel.”
A recent study published by the International Journal of Workplace Health Management revealed that commuters who cycled to work were less stressed than their counterparts who arrived by car.
Commenting, SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson said:
“With growing evidence of the health benefits of active travel, I am delighted that the Scottish Government is leading the way in its commitment to Active Travel, leading the way in the UK.
“I am confident that the Scottish Government’s support will help encourage more people to get on their bikes and ensure that our infrastructure caters to those that choose to walk, cycle or run, especially as cycle and walking tourism grows in popularity in Scotland.
“While it is not always practical to ditch the car, I for one will continue to promote active transport to travel shorter distances, not least to improve our health, tackle congestion and reduce our carbon footprint.”
Stewart Stevenson MSP asked the following at General Questions today (16/11/2017):
Q - If it has an estimate as to how much per head will be spent on active travel in Scotland following the announcement to double the active travel budget, and how does this compare to the rest of the UK? 
Humza Yousaf MSP and Minister for Transport and the Islands answered:
From next year we will spend at least £14.80 per head of population in Scotland on Active Travel.  In England, not including London, it is £6.50, in Wales it is estimated to be between £3 - £5 and in Northern Ireland to quote Cycling UK, the spending is “ and spread thinly”.
Again, Scotland leads the way.
A Nation With Ambition:
International Journal of Workplace Health Management study:

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