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FLEXIBLE working can help drive economic growth, SNP MSP says

SNP MSP Gillian Martin will today lead a debate in the Scottish Parliament celebrating the personal and economic benefits of flexible working practices.... read more..


PMQs: PM slammed for lack of strategy

Angus Robertson MP has slammed the UK government for its lack of planning or strategy following the UK’s vote to leave the European Union.... read more..


EMBATTLED Tories in Brexit chaos

The Tories find themselves in chaos over Brexit – with Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson facing harsh criticism from the Italian and Dutch governments while briefing foreign press that the UK is heading... read more..


SNP MP issues final cross party plea to chancellor to press pause on disability cuts

MP URGES UK GOVERNMENT TO RETHINK POLICY IN AUTUMN STATEMENT The SNP have issued a final appeal to the UK government to use the Autumn Statement to pause cuts planned to disability support until full... read more..


SCOTTISH Parliament votes to protect single market status

CONFUSION AS LABOUR ABANDONS SUPPORT FOR SINGLE MARKET MEMBERSHIP The Scottish Parliament has today voted to maintain Scotland’s place in the single market, while calling upon the UK government to giv... read more..


MILITARY base closures will not guarantee savings, report finds

MoD plans to close military sites will not guarantee financial savings, with long delays and gaps in funding anticipated, according to a report published today by the National Audit Office. ... read more..


WARM words expose tory hypocrasy on green energy

Tory Energy Secretary Greg Clark has been exposed for “brazen hypocrisy” on green energy – claiming credit for the success of Scottish renewables in today’s Press and Journal while his department is s... read more..


MP attends inaugural meeting of Argyll WASPIs

Brendan O’Hara MP: “ I will continue to support and work with WASPIArgyll and Isles who are determined to fight on until a remedy to this problem is found.” As the pressure continues to mount on the ... read more..


DAESH ‘Reign of terror’ over Yazidi people highlighted in SNP MP's debate

‘UNIMAGINABLE HORROR AND BRUTALITY’ OF DAESH CONTINUES SNP MP Brendan O’Hara has said during a debate he organised at Westminster, that the suffering of the Yazidi people at the hands of DAESH contin... read more..


EU start talks on Brexit Holiday tax

UK citizens could face a holiday tax to travel to the continent under plans to be discussed by EU interior ministers this week. EU Commission proposals for a US-style visa scheme could mean UK citize... read more..


LEAKED Brexit memo shows " confusion and chaos" at heart of UK Government

SNP HIGHLIGHT A TALE OF TWO GOVERNMENT'S AS SCOTLAND SETS OUT PLAN The SNP have today highlighted the “shambolic” UK Government for its “utter confusion and chaos” as a leaked memo revealed the gover... read more..


UK Government must "Right a wrong" in Autumn statement to end pension inequality

The SNP have today (Tuesday) said the UK government must use the Autumn Statement to “right a wrong” on women’s pension inequality and criticised the government for “ducking their responsibility” to m... read more..


Argyll Talking Newspapers welcom their local MP Brendan O’Hara

In a small room in Ardrishaig Parish Church, Argyll Talking Newspapers welcomed their local MP Brendan O’Hara to their weekly session on Friday (11 Nov) to let him see just what they do.... read more..


Scottish Government debate on the single market or a hard Brexit

Scotland’s political parties will be urged to unite today to protect Scotland’s place in the EU Single Market and reject a damaging hard Brexit. All of Scotland’s major party leaders have said th... read more..


UK Government dodge post-study work visa questions

TORIES SHOWING “COMPLETE DISREGARD” FOR SCOTTISH HIGHER EDUCATION SECTOR Scottish National Party MPs have condemned the UK Government for failing to provide any coherent answers regarding the rei... read more..


NEW report shows urgent need for UK Government North Sea Action

TORIES MUST OFFER SUPPORT NOT FURTHER BETRAYAL IN AUTUMN STATEMENT A new report on the North Sea oil and gas industry has shown that it is vital that the UK government takes urgent action to help the... read more..


BREXIT: Think tank warns of £1.3BN cut to Scottish Budget

ECONOMIC WORRIES GROW AS UK COMPANIES DITCH £65BN INVESTMENT Scotland could face further budget cuts of up to £1.3bn a year if Philip Hammond chooses to tackle the Brexit hole in public finances ... read more..


URGENT plea to chancellor to delay £30 a week cuts to disability support

The Scottish National Party has today issued an urgent plea to the Chancellor to delay devastating cuts to disability support in the Autumn Statement ahead of a Westminster debate on the issue.... read more..


LABOUR deputy leader calls on party to ditch Unionist stance

“CLEARLY DISCOMFORT” WITHIN UNIONIST PARTIES OVER UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT FOR HARD-RIGHT TORY BREXIT The SNP have today welcomed a call from Scottish Labour’s Deputy Leader for his party to ditch their... read more..


ANGUS ROBERTSON comments on Remembrance Sunday

The Scottish National Party will be joining people across the UK to pay respect to servicemen and women who have died in conflict. The SNP Leader and First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, will be atte... read more..


UK GOVERNMENT must answer Concentrix questions

SNP MP CALLS FOR COMPENSATION CLARITY FOR AFFECTED FAMILIES An SNP MP has today said the UK government has questions it must answer following news that HMRC have terminated their contact with Concent... read more..


This Is Not A Christmas Advertisement

Please watch and share. We’re brandjamming the John Lewis Christmas ad! Please share & urge @JohnLewisretail & @Waitrose to #StopFundingHate #bustertheboxer — St... read more..

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This Is Not A Christmas Ad

Please watch and share. There is a "Brandjamming" movement to stop major donors contributing to hate by funding the likes of the Daily Mail and John Lewis who advertise with them. ... read more..


Scotland in Europe update: November 11th 2016

It has been another busy week across Europe (and the world). As the Scottish Government declared its intention to enter the Article 50 Supreme Court case Charles Goerens, an MEP from Luxembourg, table... read more..


CONSTRUCTION progress undermined by Tory Brexit

POST-VOTE FIGURES INDICATE BREXIT THREAT TO SCOTTISH INDUSTRY AND ECONOMY New figures show that the Scottish construction sector is in good health – but faces a slowdown caused by Brexit.... read more..


FUNDING for Scottish regional airports takes off under SNP

Financial support for Scotland’s regional airports has taken off under the SNP, increasing by 72% since the party took office. The 11 regional airports operated by Highlands and Islands Airports ... read more..


SNP Official visit to Israel and Palestine a success

The first official visit to Israel and Palestine by the Scottish National Party (SNP) has been described as hugely worthwhile and a success. SNP Depute Leader Angus Robertson MP who heads the par... read more..


BREXIT threat to ocean power funding

SCOTLAND SET TO MISS OUT ON VITAL EU SUPPORT FOR “WORLD-LEADING” TECHNOLOGY Scotland’s renewable energy sector could miss out on millions of pounds in funding for innovative marine energy technol... read more..


FMQS: Tories silent on Barracks closure impact

The Scottish Tories must get behind opposition to savage defence cuts – with the UK Government’s plans to lose a fifth of its military presence in Scotland leaving communities across the country facin... read more..


LONG delays in dealing with DWP complaints is 'Deeply troubling'

AN ELEVEN MONTH WAIT IS ‘COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE’    SNP MP Margaret Ferrier has said the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) cannot ‘kick criticisms into the long grass’ following a ... read more..

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