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UN Votes overwhelmingly for nuclear weapon ban

The resolution proposes a conference in March 2017 to negotiate a “legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination”, similar to existing treaties on che... read more..


DWP Secretary's "shameful" Social Security showing

DAMIAN GREEN FAILS TO APOLOGISE AND CONTINUES TO IGNORE FACTS ON CRUELTY OF SYSTEM Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Damian Green gave a shameful performance at Holyrood’s Social Security ... read more..


SCOTLAND could play role in peace and reconciliation between Israel and Palestine

FIRST OFFICIAL TRIP TO THE REGION FOR SNP DEPUTE LEADER The Scottish National Party has said it will be looking at ways in which Scotland might play a role in peace and reconciliation initiatives bet... read more..


OBFA vote shows opposition priorities are "staggeringly skewed"

RESULT SENDS “ENTIRELY WRONG MESSAGE” ON SECTARIANISM AND OTHER OFFENSIVE BEHAVIOUR Commenting after today’s vote in Parliament, in which the opposition parties united to oppose the Offensive Behavio... read more..


220,000 coffee morning events held UK-wide to raise funds for Macmillans

Local MP, Brendan O’Hara showed his support for Macmillan and helped to raise awareness of the issues faced by people affected by cancer on Wednesday by attending a World’s Biggest Coffee Morning even... read more..


No special deals for Scotland yet Nissan have written promise from UK Government

Local MP, Brendan O’Hara, is today calling upon local Tories to defend the double-standards of the UK Government’s handling of Brexit, who have with one hand told Scotland it should not receive a spec... read more..


SNP MP calls for "telephone tax" on disabled and disadvantaged to be scrapped

CALLS TO PURSUE PIP CLAIMS COST UP TO 45P A MINUTE SNP MP Chris Stephens has called on the Prime Minister to scrap the “telephone tax” on social security claimants and for all Department for Work... read more..


UK GOVERNMENT condemned for slow progress on SLPs

SCOTTISH LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS FRONT CRIMINAL ACTIVITY SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP has condemned the UK Government for a lack of progress on tackling Scottish Limited Partnerships (SLPs)... read more..


NISSAN LETTER: French Government could know what the UK public don't

SILENCE UNSUSTAINABLE AS UK GOV “WALL OF SECRECY” CONTINUES It has emerged that the French Government may have access to the Tories’ secret Nissan letter – as the carmaker is part-owned by the French... read more..


FAMILIES ‘will pay the price’ over government inaction on energy price hike

SNP CALL ON MINISTERS TO ACT FOLLOWING MONTHS OF SILENCE The SNP have today said it will be families across the UK who will be “literally paying the price” over the UK government’s inaction to tackle... read more..


SNP Offered commons debate on cuts to disability support

LAST CHANCE TO HALT £30 A WEEK CUT TO SICK AND DISABLED The Scottish National Party has welcomed the decision of the Backbench Business Committee to offer a debate on the UK Government’s cut of £30 a... read more..


TORY rhetoric jeopordising UK's reputation and negotiating power

European diplomats have expressed indignation at the UK Government’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, according to reports from The Times today.... read more..


"I, Daniel Blake" Screening for Foodbank 7.15pm Wednesday 9th November

I am delighted to announce that Brian Keating has agreed to donate all profits from the 7.15pm Wednesday, 9th November screening  of the latest Ken Loach film  "I, Daniel Blake" to Helensbur... read more..


INVESTIGATORY Powers bill returns to Commons

SNP CRITICISE LABOUR PEERS FOR FAILING TO AMEND BILL TO PROTECT CIVIL LIBERTIES The SNP have today criticised Labour peers for failing to substantially amend or improve the Investigatory Powers Bill ... read more..


FIFA Urged to allow footballers to wear poppies

SNP MP CALLS FOR COMMON SENSE APPROACH  Scottish National Party MP Stewart McDonald is calling for a ban on footballers wearing poppies for next week’s World Cup qualifier between Scotland and E... read more..


LONG-AWAITED Green Paper is "Critical" for sick and disabled people

TORIES MUST HALT PLANNED SOCIAL SECURITY CUTS IN AUTUMN STATEMENT The Scottish National Party has today welcomed the launch of the Department for Work and Pensions’ long-awaited Green Paper consultat... read more..


Big Energy Saving Week (31 October - 6 November)

Brendan O’Hara MP is backing a campaign to help local people save money on their gas and electricity ahead of the winter months.... read more..


SNP MSP leads debate on dehumanising and ineffective sanctions system

DAMNING ACADEMIC RESEARCH SHOWS TORY SANCTIONS PUSH VULNERABLE INTO DEBT AND DESTITUTION Sandra White, the Convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Social Security Committee, will today (Wednesday) ... read more..

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