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Laying the foundations for an inclusive, tolerant, outward-looking society

I’m just home from the SNP’s annual conference. We were delighted to welcome more than 3000 delegates to Glasgow’s SECC – giving a welcome boost to the city’s economy. But I’m not surprised that it w... read more..


MPs to debate status of EU Nationals

SNP DEMAND ‘CAST-IRON GUARANTEE’ THAT STATUS WILL BE PROTECTED The Scottish National Party will today (Wednesday) lead a debate at Westminster on the status of EU nationals in the UK following th... read more..


SNP Criticise Foreign Secretary's Confusion and Contradiction

BORIS JOHNSON "MUST CLARIFY WHICH MASK HE WEARS" AS HE MEETS EU COUNTERPARTS The SNP have today criticised the Foreign Secretary for his ‘extraordinary levels of confusion and contradiction’ followin... read more..


CLYDE YARDS "Cannot wait any longer for type 26 decision"

DELAY IN DECISIONS IS CAUSING ‘ENORMOUS DAMAGE‘ TO DEFENCE  SNP MP Martin Docherty-Hughes has called on the UK government to end the ‘enormous damage‘ caused by the delay in the Type 26 frigate p... read more..


John Swinney's address to #SNP16

Conference, In May of this year, a remarkable thing happened. Nine years after we were first elected to government, we went to the polls to seek an historic third consecutive term in office. Led by... read more..


Stronger for Scotland: towards a decade of delivery

In government, the SNP has a strong record of delivery. Our list of achievements is long and wide-ranging - and all delivered at a time of cuts to Scotland’s budget by the Tories at Westminster. Trus... read more..


Angus Robertson’s address to #SNP16

It is a huge honour to be able to report on the work of the SNP at Westminster – the strong, united and effective opposition to the Tories in the House of Commons. Make no doubt that with Labour in d... read more..


Depute Leadership contest result

Today Angus Robertson was elected as the SNP Depute Leader. The full result of the contest was: Chris McEleny: 1,182 (3.38%) Angus Robertson: 18,736 (52.5%) Tommy Sheppard: 8,936 (25.53%) Alyn ... read more..


Nicola Sturgeon opening address to #SNP16

Conference. Welcome to the Dear Green Place. Welcome to the great city of Glasgow. A city that said Yes in 2014. A city where every citizen is now represented in the Scottish Parliament by an SNP ... read more..


MP pays tribute to Bute for their welcome to Syrian families

Speaking during an emergency debate at Westminster yesterday (11th October) to discuss the ongoing Syrian crisis, local MP Brendan O’Hara took the opportunity to pay tribute to the people of Bute who,... read more..


COST of tory Brexit continues to rise

WAGES OF POOREST WORKERS EXPECTED TO BE HIT The SNP has attacked the Tory government for their Brexit incompetence – after fresh reports showed the potential costs to the UK’s economy from leaving Eu... read more..


SNP CONFERENCE: “A crucial time for Scotland's future”

PLEDGE TO PROTECT SCOTLAND FROM HARD-RIGHT TORY GOVERNMENT AND HARDEST OF TORY BREXITS The SNP conference, opening in Glasgow today, will draw a contrast between the narrow nationalism of the UK ... read more..


Scrap the rape clause

No woman should have to prove she was raped to be able to claim child tax credits. I have said it before and will continue to say it, because it is a travesty that in 2016 a women should be faced with... read more..


The Government must right this wrong for WASPI women across Argyll and Bute

Today (Tuesday, 11th October), local MP Brendan O’Hara presented a petition to the House of Commons on behalf of 4,600 women across Argyll and Bute who have been hit by the government’s changes to the... read more..


HARD BREXIT figures show Tories ' abandoning all economic reason

Commenting on the report in today’s Times which quotes a leaked Treasury paper written for cabinet committee discussions as stating that a "Hard Brexit” would cost the UK up to £66 billion a year in l... read more..


SNP MPs deliver WASPI petitions to Westminster

TORIES MUST INTRODUCE TRANSITIONAL MEASURES FOR WOMEN BORN IN THE 1950s Scottish National Party MPs have delivered dozens of petitions on behalf of their constituents calling on the UK Government to ... read more..


Scotland has the highest quality of life of any UK nation

A new study has found that Scotland has the highest quality of life of any nation in the UK. The European Social Progress Index, published today, found that people in Scotland hold positive and toler... read more..


What we’ve learnt from the Tory conference

The Tory conference has ended. Here are six things we’ve learnt about the repellant reality of Tory policy.... read more..


Our commitment to transforming mental health services

Today is World Mental Health Day, an opportunity to raise awareness of mental health issues, challenge stigma and recommit ourselves to improving mental health services for all.  ... read more..


In case you missed it: good news for the environment

In government the SNP has made substantial progress in making Scotland cleaner and greener.  This week that work continued. Here’s some good news from this week that you might have missed. ... read more..



Wordcloud is used to remind us of all the main words used in the the topic(s) discussed at our Branch Meetings.Please hover the mouse over the diagram to activate the words.... read more..


The Tory conference has shown us who the divisive, nasty nationalists are

Like most people, I’ve read some of the headlines coming from the Tory conference over the last few days with a mixture of disbelief and horror. Firms to be forced to list the number of foreign worke... read more..


Our plan to build a fairer Scotland: what you need to know

Social justice was at the heart of the 2014 independence referendum debate. To harness this enthusiasm for change, the SNP in government has led a conversation on how we can use the powers of the Sco... read more..


Cross-party statement on resisting the Tories' toxic politics

Below is a joint statement signed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, the Leader of Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood, and Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley, the co-leaders of the Green Party calling for progr... read more..


Girls must not be left behind when it comes to sport

Last week the First Minister and I were privileged to meet Scottish members of Team GB and ParalympicsGB at their homecoming in Edinburgh.... read more..


Brendan O’Hara MP praises local support for terminally ill people

Brendan O’Hara MP praised the support available for Argyll and Bute residents living with a terminal illness and their families as he met with representatives from Marie Curie, the terminal illness ch... read more..


May’s 100 unanswered questions, 100 days on from the Brexit result

We are now 100 days on from the EU referendum result, and the utter lack of clarity from the Prime Minister and the rest of the UK Government is a shameful abdication of responsibility. ... read more..

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