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RUDD ‘On the rocks’ over post study work visas

The Scottish National Party has said Home Secretary Amber Rudd is "on the rocks" over the issue of post study work visas – unable to provide any coherent defence of the UK government’s blinkered polic... read more..


UK GOV must publish secret Nissan letter

FOI SUBMITTED AS “FULL DISCLOSURE” URGENTLY NEEDED ON DEAL FOR SUNDERLAND The UK Government must publish their secret letter to Nissan assuring the company about a continued place in Europe’s sin... read more..


CROSS-PARTY call for Brexit committee focus on devolved nations

A cross-party group of MPs have written to Hilary Benn, Chair of the House of Commons Committee on Exiting the EU, calling on him to ensure the Committee has a comprehensive focus on the wishes and in... read more..


SNP call on UK Government to take urgent action over stranded Calais child refugees

SNP RAISE CONCERNS FOLLOWING CAMP CLEARANCE ANNOUNCEMENT The SNP have called on the Home Secretary to step in and take urgent action following the news that there are still child refugees stranded in... read more..


ENERGY, food and travel price hike as brexit set to raise the cost of living

The SNP has called on the UK government to take action as millions of families across Scotland and the UK are set to face hikes in the price of energy, food, travel and other everyday costs as the dam... read more..


FMQS: Brexit "Hotline" has a 36 hour wait

MAY LED BY HARD-RIGHT BREXITEERS INSTEAD OF NATIONAL INTEREST Theresa May’s lack of plan means “the hard right Brexiteers are able to impose their own agenda,” the First Minister said at First Minist... read more..


OXFORD study ties tory benefit sanctions to foodbank use

FURTHER PROOF OF TORY GOVERNMENT ATTACKS ON THE POOREST IN SOCIETY The SNP has highlighted a report from the University of Oxford which found a “robust link” between increases in the number of be... read more..


HOKEY COKEY MUNDELL rows back on single market at Hollyrood

Scottish Secretary David Mundell rowed back on his support for single market membership when appearing at Holyrood’s Europe Committee – the latest signal that the UK Government is doggedly pursuing a ... read more..


EUROPEAN Parliament action of trans fats welcomed by SNP

Alyn Smith, SNP Member of the European Parliament, today welcomed the passing of a resolution calling for the Commission to establish, as soon as possible, an EU wide legal limit on industrial trans f... read more..


MHAIRI BLACK: UK Government Must Accept Responsibility For Tax Credit Fiasco

The Scottish National Party will today (Wednesday) call on the UK Government to apologise to the hundreds of thousands of low and middle income families who have been accused of tax fraud or had their... read more..


Angus Robertson MP @ PMQs: UK Government "Must Call On Spain To Refuse Refuelling Russian Naval Vessels"

PRIME MINISTER MUST DO MORE TO SUPPORT A PEACEFUL RESOLUTION IN SYRIA Angus Robertson MP has said the Prime Minister must join EU and NATO allies in calling on Spain to refuse the refuelling of R... read more..


SECRET tapes show May's real view of leaving Europe

PM RECORDINGS REVEALED AS HOLYROOD TORIES TRY TO AIRBRUSH BREXIT FROM DEBATE Theresa May’s deep-seated concerns about the severe economic damage that Brexit would do to the UK have been revealed – wh... read more..


Poverty is not inevitable - we will do all we can to eradicate it

It is unacceptable in a country as prosperous as Scotland that people are still living in poverty and I want to do all that I can to create a fairer, more equal Scotland for everyone.... read more..


Mike Russell challenges Argyll council ‘disaster’ over Breslin exoneration

Local Argyll & Bute MSP criticises Argyll council “crisis” from Breslin case ARGYLL AND BUTE COUNCIL’S targeting of an independent councillor has been “disastrous” and now requires an independent... read more..


AID BUDGET 'Not a political pawn for trade deals

SNP MP CRITICISES PRITI PATEL FOR "INWARD-LOOKING AGENDA" An SNP MP has criticised Priti Patel, the International Development Secretary, for attempting to turn the UK’s international aid budget into ... read more..


SNP MP: Heathrow decision welcome - but the Tory soap opera continues

YEARS OF ‘DITHER AND DELAY WILL CONTINUE TO  FRUSTRATE BUSINESSES AND TRAVELLERS’ SNP Transport spokesperson Drew Hendry MP  has said the decision to increase airport capacity in the So... read more..


SNP MP welcomes Scottish 'Turing law'

SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT BILL TO PARDON THOSE CONVICTED UNDER HOMOPHOBIC LAWS SNP MP John Nicolson has welcomed the announcement today that the Scottish Government will bring forward a Scottish ‘Turing La... read more..


COURT of Session ruling will help tackle alchohol misuse

The Scottish Government intends to implement minimum unit pricing “as soon as possible” after the Court of Session’s ruling in support of the policy, Health Secretary Shona Robison confirmed today – a... read more..


UNIONS warn tories will use Brexit smokescreen to attack workers rights

Hard-right Tory MPs are planning to use Brexit as an opportunity to attack our rights in the workplace, trade unions have warned. Former Tory chairman Grant Shapps plans to insert a sunset clause int... read more..


SNP challenge Hammond to fight against a "hard brexit"

TORIES REVERT TO “SOUND BITES AND SPIN” During Treasury Questions today, SNP Finance Spokesperson, Stewart Hosie MP, asked the Chancellor to “rule out” a Hard Brexit.... read more..


Scotland must be a full and equal partner in UK negotiations on Europe

The political and economic landscape in the wake of June’s Brexit vote is one that could scarcely have been imagined just a few short months ago. There is no doubt that the responsibility for the cons... read more..


Free speech wins in Argyll and Bute

A lone independence–supporting councillor has won a landmark victory for freedom of political speech in Scotland.Though he was censured on one count of breaking the local government code of conduct, A... read more..


Taking action on alcohol misuse: what you need to know

The highest court in Scotland, the Court of Session, has today approved Scottish Government plans to introduce an minimum unit price for alcohol. This follows the European Court of Justice ruling that... read more..


Draft Independence Referendum Bill: here’s what it means

Today the Scottish Government has published a consultation on a draft Independence Referendum Bill. If there is an independence referendum, it will not be because the result of the 2014 referendum ha... read more..


NEW POLL - Public show overwhelming support for wind power

A new opinion poll by ComRes has shown overwhelming public support for wind power, with 4 out of 5 people in Scotland supporting onshore wind farms. The poll finds that 73% of the public across the U... read more..


NEW POLL - Majority support keeping Scotland in the Single Market

SINGLE MARKET “VITAL TO JOBS, BUSINESSES AND OPPORTUNITIES” IN SCOTLAND A new poll from Ipsos MORI has shown that there is overwhelming support across the country for the Scottish Government’s attemp... read more..


SNP MP calls on Foreign Office for 'Urgent and immediate action' to bring Billy Irvine home

‘SOOTHING WORDS SIMPLY NOT GOOD ENOUGH’ IN  CHENNAI SIX CASE SNP MP Kirsten Oswald has called for urgent and immediate action from the Foreign Office in the case of Billy Irving and colleagu... read more..


Indyref 2 Bill Published

The current Scottish Government was elected with a clear mandate that the Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold an independence referendum if there was clear and sustained evidence that in... read more..


Except for voters in Scotland

In 2014, the Tories told Scotland that we are an equal partner in the UK. On her first visit to Scotland as Prime Minister, Theresa May said that she was “willing to listen to options” on Scotland an... read more..

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