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Livestream Video of Today's March for Independence

A "Livestream" video of today's March for Indpendence. It is estimated that there were over 5000 attended at an event that the media were stating would only attract 1500.The media should have gone to ... read more..


Scotland’s future in the EU: speech to IPPR Scotland By Nicola Sturgeon

Thank you Russell for that introduction and for inviting me to speak to you today about Scotland’s place in Europe.We are now exactly one month on from the EU referendum. It seems in some ways no time... read more..


Argyll & Bute Librarian Cuts

Julie McKenzie - SNP Councillor for Oban North and Lorn - Ward 5Please ShareI'd like to clear up some misinformation that is circulating regarding the decision making process behind cuts to school lib... read more..


2016 Open championship to bring 1000s of visitors to Scotland

GOLF HELPING TO TEE UP ECONOMIC GROWTH THROUGHOUT THE SCOTTISH ECONOMY The Scottish economy will receive a major boost with Royal Troon Golf Club hosting the 2016 Open Championship this weekend, with... read more..


MODERN apprenticeships up by over 10,000 since 2007

SNP SUCCESS HIGHLIGHTED ON UN WORLD YOUTH SKILLS DAY The SNP is marking UN World Youth Skills Day by highlighting figures showing that the number of people in Modern Apprenticeships has grown by over... read more..


NEW cabinet appointments signal 'sharp turn to the right'

NP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP has said Theresa May’s new Cabinet appointments signal a ‘sharp turn to the right’ for UK politics.... read more..


ALEX SALMOND: Parliament should hold Blair to account for Iraq

Alex Salmond MP has said Tony Blair ‘systematically misled’ Parliament, and should now be held to account over the Iraq War. Speaking in the House of Commons debate on the Iraq Inquiry today (Wednesd... read more..


Further roll-out of rural broadband in Argyll and Bute

“More broadband work due to start in rural areas in next six months ” Brendan O’Hara MP is delighted to note that more rural communities in Argyll & Bute are next in line for a high-speed broadba... read more..


MUNDELL concedes need for seperate EU deal for Scotland

SNP WELCOMES ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF NEED TO RESPECT SCOTTISH VOTE The SNP has today (Wednesday) welcomed a concession from Scottish Secretary David Mundell that Scotland could have a separate EU deal, in... read more..


PMQs: Angus Robertson on Cameron's Legacy

SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP paid tribute to David Cameron during his last Prime Minister’s Questions today on their joint work to commemorate the Srebrenica genocide –on the 21st anniver... read more..


MPs Commemorate 21st anniversary of Srebrenica genocide

GEORGE KEREVAN MP SPONSORS SCREENING OF AWARD-WINNING DOCUMENTARY ‘THE FOG OF SREBRENICA’ On the 21st anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, SNP MP George Kerevan will today welcome MPs and journali... read more..


HOME OFFICE must honour post-study work visa for Brain family

FAMILY AND HOME OFFICE MINISTER TO GIVE EVIDENCE TO HOME AFFAIRS COMMITTEE The SNP has said the Home Office “must honour the post-study work visa for the Brain family” as the UK Government’s “impossi... read more..


THERESA MAY should ditch her own 'nasy party' past

RIGHT-WING RECORD WILL ‘SET ALARM BELLS RINGING’ IN SCOTLAND The Scottish National Party has called on Theresa May to heed her own advice and pledge to change course from her ‘nasty party’ past when ... read more..


SNP must be at the top table for EU Negotiations

MP CALLS ON UK GOVERNMENT TO RESPECT SCOTLAND'S REMAIN VOTE The SNP has called on the UK government to ensure that the Scottish government has a seat at the top table in any formal negotiations on th... read more..


REPORT into rise of foodbank use shows tory austerity does not work

Commenting on the embargoed Citizens Advice Scotland report Living at the Sharp End: CAB Clients in Crisis Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP has called for action from the Tories to reverse the damage of their r... read more..


MEDIA calling notice: cross-party lobby to end violence against women

SNP MP Gavin Newlands is hosting a cross-party lobby event in Westminster tomorrow (Wednesday) calling for an end to violence against women with the IC Change campaign in partnership with Women’s Aid,... read more..


Early day Motion tabled at House of Commons in recognition of Gordon Reid’s remarkable tennis achievements

On Monday 11th July, local MP Brendan O’Hara tabled an Early Day Motion at the House of Commons to mark Gordon Reid’s remarkable achievements permanently at the Palace of Westminster.  ... read more..


Early day Motion tabled at House of Commons to mark Srebrenica Memorial Day

To mark Srebrenica Memorial Day, Brendan O’Hara MP honoured those who were murdered during the genocide 21 years ago.... read more..


Local MP welcomes new round of Big Lottery funding

Brendan O’Hara, MP for Argyll and Bute, welcomed the announcement of the new round of Big Lottery Scotland funding today (13 July). With £45 million earmarked for investment in community assets by 202... read more..


SNP: Those implicated by Chilcot should hand back honours

IRAQ SCANDAL SHOWS ABSURDITY OF “JOBS FOR THE BOYS” HOUSE OF LORDS SNP MSP James Dornan has lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament calling for those implicated by the findings of the Chilcot repo... read more..


FUNDING for rural communities under threat following Brexit vote

MAINTAINING SCOTLAND’S PLACE IN EU INTEGRAL FOR CONTINUED SUPPORT Vital funding for Scotland’s rural communities is under threat following the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, statistics from th... read more..


TORY disability benefit given amber/red rating 4th year in a ro

TORIES MUST ENSURE EU SOCIAL PROTECTIONS REMAIN DESPITE LEAVE VOTE SNP MPs have today called on Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb to outline how he will address the “major risks” that have be... read more..


SNP comment on THERESA MAY as new prime minister

Commenting on the news Theresa May will become the next Prime Minister, SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP said: “I congratulate Theresa May on becoming leader of her party, and the next UK Pr... read more..


SCOTTISH LABOUR 'Should show backbone'

A SNP MP has called on the Labour Party in Scotland to ‘show some backbone’ and lobby their colleagues in Westminster to vote against Trident renewal when the vote is put to the UK Parliament next wee... read more..


EU POLL – Support across continent for Scotland's place in Europe

SCOTLAND MUST NOT BE DRAGGED OUT OF EUROPE AGAINST OUR WILL The SNP has today welcomed a new YouGov poll showing strong support for Scotland’s place in Europe from citizens across the continent – and... read more..


BLAIR misled cabinet on risk ahead of Black Watch deaths

DAMNING CHILCOT REVELATIONS FURTHER PROOF OF BLAIR’S ARROGANCE AND ZEAL Tony Blair misled Cabinet on the risk of deploying Black Watch soldiers to North Babil, the Chilcot Report has revealed – with ... read more..


MAY will not be allowed to forget role in Anti-Worker UK Government

PARTY OF TRADE UNION BILL HAS NO CREDIBILITY ON WORKERS’ RIGHTS Speaking following the launch of Theresa May’s leadership campaign today, an SNP MSP has said that Ms May will not be allowed to forget... read more..


SNP calls on Cameron to "think again" on trident vote

Following David Cameron’s confirmation that MPs will have a vote on the renewal of Trident, the SNP has called upon the outgoing Prime Minister to rethink his decision to press ahead with “wasteful an... read more..


“GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY” for new Independence case

The former chief civil servant at the Treasury, Sir Nicholas Macpherson has made clear that the case for Scottish independence has been bolstered in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the European Uni... read more..


TORY right-wing 'itching to cut Scotland's budget'

TORY LEADERSHIP – “WHOEVER WINS, SCOTLAND WILL LOSE” Comments from Tory leadership candidate Andrea Leadsom which have come to light today show the Tory right-wing are ‘itching to cut Scotland’s budg... read more..

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