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STEWART HOSIE calls on Labour to support 'fair play - and fair settlement' for Scotland

LABOUR ‘ TAXING SCOTS TO PAY FOR TORY CUTS’   SNP Depute Leader and Economy spokesperson Stewart Hosie has today called on Labour to come clean  and explain their plans on the future of... read more..


Low paid to get pay rise with SNP-instead of tax rise with labour

BUDGET BOOST FOR WORKERS AND PUBLIC SERVICES   The Scottish budget will protect household incomes and deliver a pay rise for up to 51,400 low paid workers, the SNP said today – rather than f... read more..


SCOTTISH legal sector condemns tory attack on human rights

HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGNERS SAY ‘NO COHERENT CASE’ FOR REPEAL OF HUMAN RIGHTS ACT The Faculty of Advocates and the Law Society of Scotland have joined the growing criticism of the UK Government’s pl... read more..


Progress made on land reform

TORY WRECKING MOTION THROWN OUT TORIES ‘HYPOCRISY’ CRITICISED OVER ATTEMPT TO STOP FAIR TAXES A Tory wrecking motion which sought to continue ‘unfair’ tax exemptions for country estates was ... read more..


NP MP challenges PM on benefit sanction aspirations

SNP MP Anne McLaughlin has today challenged the Prime Minister over DWP staff being given "aspirations" for the number of benefits sanctions they impose.   Various allegations of DWP staff b... read more..


LABOUR Workers tax hike would cost thousands of public sector staff pay rise

LABOUR SHIFTING BURDEN OF AUSTERITY ONTO WORKING PEOPLE    Labour’s tax hike on working people has faced fresh criticism today – after confirmation that it would cost thousands of public sec... read more..


Brendan O’Hara MP congratulates local tennis hero

Argyll and Bute MP Brendan O’Hara has this week lodged a motion asking the parliament to recognise and congratulate the success of Helensburgh’s Gordon Reid. ... read more..


Brendan O’Hara MP backs fight to save Braeholm

Argyll and Bute MP Brendan O’Hara has this week lodged a motion backing the fight to save Braeholm Naval Family and Accomodation Centre from the planned closure in June this year. ... read more..


Brendan O’Hara MP backs the bid for the Campbeltown Spaceport

Argyll and Bute MP Brendan O’Hara has this morning reiterated his continuing support for MACC’s bid to host the UK Spaceport in Campbeltown. ... read more..


SNP candidate backs fight for womens pensions

Councillor Gail Robertson, SNP candidate for Dumbarton in May’s Scottish election has spoken out against “unfair” changes to the state pension age, which will affect women born in the 1950’s.  T... read more..


No Fracking Way

Part of the national 'no fracking way' gatherings saw MP Martin Docherty & Holly rood candidate Gail Robertson out supporting the "No Fracking Way" protest at Balloch. Every town, every city, ever... read more..


SNP urge UK Government to rethink immigration fee hike

The Scottish National Party has urged the UK government to rethink its plans to introduce a massive hike in immigration application fees for families.   The call comes following today’s Hous... read more..


SNP measures to close educational divide

The Scottish Parliament has today voted in favour of the Scottish Government’s Education Bill – passing significant measures to tackle the attainment gap in education.   The Bill places a du... read more..


SNP condemn organisation of "Sexist and hate-mongering"meetings

The SNP has today called for action to be taken against the organisation of “sexist and hate-mongering” meetings across the UK by the so-called “Roosh V” who came to notoriety when he previously advoc... read more..


STUC back SNP position in fiscal framework negotiations

“GROWING CONSENSUS” AGAINST UNFAIR TORY PLANS  The growing consensus in favour of the Scottish Government’s position in the fiscal framework negotiations has been welcomed today - after the STUC... read more..


SNP Calls for google to publish UK revenue figures

The Scottish National Party has today (Wednesday) called for Google to publish its UK revenue figures since 2003 ahead of a grilling of Google and HMRC bosses by the House of Commons Public Accounts C... read more..


WASPI Petition debatd in Parliament

The SNP has called on the UK government to immediately revisit the state pension inequalities for women born in the 1950s as a petition from the Women Against State Pensions Inequality (WASPI) is deba... read more..


SNP 'doing everything in our power' to support North Sea Industry

FURTHER SNP SUPPORT FOR NORTH EAST WELCOMED  Additional Scottish Government support for the North Sea oil and gas sector has been welcomed today as further proof of the SNP’s ‘strong commitment’... read more..


END of automatic early release comes into force

PUBLIC SAFETY ‘KEY PRIORITY’ FOR SNP IN GOVERNMENT   The system of granting automatic early release to serious offenders has ended today – scrapping an unpopular Tory measure.   Au... read more..


TORY Treasury must rule out £3.5Bn cut mechanism

SCOTLAND MUST GET FURTHER POWERS “IN FULL AND WITHOUT DETRIMENT”  The SNP has today called on the UK Government to rule out mechanisms for calculating Scotland’s budget that could see it fall by... read more..


Brendan O’Hara MP presents Argyll and Bute Flag to pupils

This morning (Monday, 1 February), Argyll and Bute MP Brendan O’Hara had the pleasure of visiting the pupils of Luss Primary School to present the flag the children designed for the Westminster Flag p... read more..


“Cutting funds to Citizens Advice Bureau could have a far greater cost to the public purse”

“We are all acutely aware of the service choice cuts proposed by the Administration of Argyll and Bute Council, but of the many options suggested and to which I have voiced objections, the option to c... read more..


SNP in cross-party call for political reform

The Scottish National Party has renewed its calls to introduce a fairer voting system for Westminster elections in a joint letter with the Green Party and Plaid Cymru in today’s Independent on Sunday.... read more..


Uncertainties in Investigatory Powers Bill

BUSINESSES AND CONSUMERS "LEFT IN THE DARK"   The Scottish National Party has warned that the UK Parliament's Investigatory Powers Bill risks undermining the UK’s strongly performing Tech se... read more..


LGBT History month: SNP call for 'inclusive Workplaces'

‘INCLUSIVE WORKPLACES’   ONLY 21 PER CENT OF LGB WORKERS COMFORTABLE BEING COMPLETELY OUT   SNP MSP Kevin Stewart has today lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament to mark LGBT ... read more..

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