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Labour housing policy “Built on very shaky foundations”

UNCOSTED PROPOSAL COULD HAVE ALMOST DOUBLE EXPECTED UPTAKE  The SNP have today said that Labour’s first time buyers grant policy is “built on very shaky foundations” as figures show uptake could... read more..


SNP call on Scottish Labour to be clear on Trident

DELAY IN PARLIAMENTARY VOTE MEANS SILENCE “NOT AN OPTION”   Kezia Dugdale must ensure Scottish Labour have an unequivocal position on Trident renewal, the SNP has said – with a delay in a Co... read more..


UK Government “our of step” on fiscal framework

LETTER FAILS TO RECOGNISE CONCERNS IN UNANIMOUS COMMONS REPORT   The Scottish National Party has described the Treasury’s response to the unanimous Scottish Affairs Select Committee report o... read more..


NEW Shetland gasfields will meet 100% of Scottish damand

Production at newly opened gas fields in Shetland is expected to meet 100% of Scotland’s average gas demand, analysts have confirmed.    Expert advice provided to the independent Scottish Pa... read more..


Russell and O’Hara Praise SNP Group Budget

Reacting to the Argyll and Bute Administration budget yesterday Michael Russell MSP and Brendan O’Hara MP have praised efforts of the SNP council group who’s alternative budget would have avoided comp... read more..


4 OF 5 parties on Smith Commision back Scottish government on fiscal Framework

CROSS-PARTY UNITY AGAINST TORY PLANS TO SLASH BUDGET BY BACKDOOR  The SNP has welcomed backing for the Scottish Government’s position in the fiscal framework negotiations from representatives of... read more..


UK one of the worst renewable performers

EUROPEAN COMMISSION CRITICISES UK – AS TORIES UNDERMINE INDUSTRY IN SCOTLAND   The UK Government was today criticised by the European Commission for failing to make sufficient progress towar... read more..


SNP renew call for EU investigation into Google tax deal

DEIDRE BROCK MP SAYS DEAL REMAINS SHROUDED IN SECRECY FOLLOWING EVIDENCE SESSION IN PARLIAMENT   The SNP has today reiterated calls for the UK tax settlement agreed between Google and HMRC t... read more..


SNP MSP Leads debate supporting local newspapers

LOCAL PRESS A KEY PART OF VIBRANT DEMOCRACY  SNP MSP Graeme Dey will today (Thursday) lead a debate in the Scottish Parliament highlighting the importance of local newspapers to a vibrant, healt... read more..


SCOTTISH Affairs committee backs 'Per Capita' model for Fiscal Framework

The Scottish Affairs Committee today  (Thursday) unanimously endorsed the ‘per capita’ model of index deduction as the method that best meets the Smith Commission principle of ‘no detriment’.&nbs... read more..


REPORT raises concerns of "Complexity & Workability" of Evel

SNP: UKG MUST USE EVEL REVIEW PERIOD TO “ESTABLISH COMPREHENSIVE PROPOSALS”   The Scottish National Party has today called on the UK government to urgently review the House of Commons Standi... read more..


HOLYROOD Focus on Shetland gas production

SWINNEY: BOOST TO NORTH SEA PRODUCTION AS NEW GAS FIELDS ON STREAM    SNP MSP Mike Mackenzie has highlighted the major opportunities for the North Sea oil and gas industry with the right fis... read more..


SNP welcome labour backing for fair deal for Scotland

CROSS-PARTY UNITY AGAINST TORY PLANS TO SLASH SCOTLAND’S BUDGET BY BACKDOOR  The SNP has welcomed confirmation that Labour’s leader in Scotland will back the Scottish Government’s position in th... read more..


TORY immigration policy causing "brain drain" universities say

SCOTLAND LOSES £250M OVER THREE YEARS AS TOP STUDENTS LOCKED OUT   Westminster’s decision to scrap the post-study work visa in 2012 has cost the Scottish economy £250m over three years accor... read more..


CORBYN should "have courage to take control" on Trident

SUBS WITHOUT MISSILES POLICY A “FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP”   Jeremy Corbyn should have the courage of his convictions on Trident and commit to a fully scrapping Britain’s nuclear weapons, the SN... read more..


DWP ministers snub Scottish Parliament 10 times

CAMERON MUST DELIVER RESPECT AGENDA  Following the latest snub to the Welfare Reform Committee from a DWP Minister, the 10th since 2010, the SNP has called on the Prime Minister to deliver on th... read more..


Ormsary now use email and the internet thanks to Vodafone’s Rural Open Sure Signal programme

Residents of the Ormsary community for the first time will now be able to make use of the mobile phone network to use email and the internet thanks to the Vodafone’s Rural Open Sure Signal programme w... read more..


Canvassing for Gail

It was cold, wet but an enthusiastic group headed out to knock on doors "Thanks for braving the weather Team Robertson Helensburgh." Gail... read more..


Call for people to make voices heard in Holyrood

MHAIRI: ‘POLITICS AFFECTS EVERYTHING – MAKE SURE YOU’RE REGISTERED’   SNP MP Mhairi Black and party Business Convener Derek Mackay MSP have today encouraged people to ensure that they are re... read more..


NEW ANALYSIS – Labour tax plans to hit 350,000 low income workers

Commenting, SNP MSP Mark McDonald said:   “Since announcing their plans for a tax hike on low-earners, Labour have claimed that their proposed rebate would protect the poorest workers– but t... read more..


SNP comments on Labour List

Commenting on the release of Labour’s regional list ranking ahead of Scottish Parliament elections on May 5th, Joan McAlpine MSP for South of Scotland said:   “The Labour list results are a ... read more..


Cares rights strengthened

SNP bill gives carers greater say and support  Carers in Scotland will be given a greater say about the support given to them under a new law introduced by the SNP.  The Carers Bill, passe... read more..


Free tuition boosts University applications for all

University applications by 18 year olds from the most deprived areas of Scotland are at their highest level ever, showing the SNP’s commitment to widening university access.   New figures on... read more..


Help for steel jobs

MSP WELCOMES BUSINESS RATES RELIEF TO KEEP TATA OPEN   The Scottish Government’s Steel Task Force has today announced its intention to cut in business rates for Tata Steel sites in Dalzell a... read more..


New poll – Voters continuing to put trust in SNP

SNP READY TO BUILD ON RECORD WHILE LABOUR BARELY FIT FOR OPPOSITION   Another new poll has shown the SNP with a strong lead – as voters across Scotland continue to put their trust in the par... read more..


UK Government must ratify EU Convention to tackle violence against women

The SNP are calling on the UK government to ratify the Istanbul Convention - the “gold standard” legal framework for tackling violence against women.   SNP MP Gavin Newlands, who has secured... read more..


Scottish legal sector condemns tory attack on human rights

HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGNERS SAY ‘NO COHERENT CASE’ FOR REPEAL OF HUMAN RIGHTS ACT   The Faculty of Advocates and the Law Society of Scotland have joined the growing criticism of the UK Governme... read more..


Poll shows strong support for Scotland to remain in the EU

The Scottish National Party has welcomed a poll showing strong support among Scottish voters to remain a part of the EU.  The TNS poll of 1016 adults in Scotland showed that 44% would vote to st... read more..


Protecting people

SNP Stronger for Scotland Rather than face tax rises with Labour, we have announced that the Scottish budget will protect household incomes and deliver a pay rise for up to 51,400 low paid workers, m... read more..


UK Government must honour Smith pledges

The SNP has today said the UK government still has a long way to meet the principles of the Smith Agreement, and seem determined to pursue a solution which would potentially cost the Scottish Governme... read more..

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