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STURGEON Announces formation of SNP 'In' Europe campaign

PARTY WILL MAKE POSITIVE, PROGRESSIVE CASE FOR EU MEMBERSHIP   First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has today announced the formation of the SNP ‘In’ Europe campaign – as she said t... read more..


SNP call on UK Government to ditch plans to reduce number of Scottish MPs

‘CAMERON SHOULD FOCUS ON ABOLISHING UNELECTED HOUSE OF LORDS INSTEAD OF DIMINISHING SCOTLAND’S VOICE AT WESTMINSTER’  The Scottish National Party has called on the UK government to ditch its ‘un... read more..


SNP press Tories over lifeline EU payments

Government ministers in London need to come clean on what will happen to Scotland’s farmers if the UK votes to leave the EU, the SNP’s Westminster Rural Affairs Spokesperson, Calum Kerr said today, fu... read more..


Labour MSP: 'We were slipping, and what we did we do? We turned to Jim Murphy...'

LABOUR MSPs have anonymously attacked the election of Jim Murphy as party leader in December 2014, following Johann Lamont’s decision to stand down from the job following the referendum in September t... read more..


Rescued Ferguson shipyard to take on 150 apprentices

Ferguson Marine shipyard in Port Glasgow is to take on 150 new apprentices - two years after being saved from closure. ... read more..


Gail Robertson with Scottish Government's ‘Cabinet on Tour’

Last week I attended the Scottish Government's ‘Cabinet on Tour’ public discussion in Clydebank Town hall. It was a well-attended event, providing members of the public the opportunity to hear from ou... read more..


TORY Fiscal framework cut equivelant to 8,000 nurses claims Gail Robertson

TORY FISCAL FRAMEWORK CUT EQUAIVALENT TO 8,000 NURSES CLAIMS ROBERTSON  Gail Robertson, the SNP’s Candidate for the Scottish Parliament elections in May has claimed that local electors are being... read more..


EXPERT hails Scottish Scottish Government'Major Victory' on Fiscal Framework

STURGEON AND SWINNEY DELIVER FAIR DEAL FOR SCOTLAND    Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney's delivery of a fair deal for Scotland in the fiscal framework negotiations against the Tory Treasury... read more..


TORY farming minister wants EU farm support to end

“LEAVE” VOTE WOULD SLASH £4bn IN AID TO SCOTLAND’S FARMERS  The Tory Farming Minister, George Eustice, has announced that he will vote for the UK to leave the EU – effectively campaigning for an... read more..


MP calls for end to excessive delivery charges in rural areas

SNP MP Drew Hendry has used a parliamentary debate to call on the UK government to end excessive delivery charges in rural areas.  The SNP MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey has ca... read more..


SNP MEP welcomes UN led Negotiations twards nuclear disarmament

SNP MEP Ian Hudghton has today welcomed the establishment of a UN Open-ended Working Group on nuclear disarmament, who are convening in Geneva, Switzerland this week.  In taking forward multilat... read more..


LABOUR vote with tories against care workers living wage and atainment fund

MSPs VOTING AGAINST BUDGET MUST EXPLAIN DECISION TO CONSTITUENTS  Labour MSPs have faced criticism for joining with the Tories in voting against a Living Wage for care workers and increased inve... read more..


Formal Adoption of Councillor Gail Robertson as SNP Candidate

"The SNP have fired the starting gun for May's Scottish Parliamentary elections with the formal adoption of local Councillor Gail Robertson as their candidate. Gail was adopted at a meeting of SNP me read more..


John Swinney nails fiscal deal by seeing off £7bn Treasury grab

SCOTLAND’S financial future was finally secured yesterday after John Swinney fought off a £7 billion “cash grab” by the Treasury, Nicola Sturgeon said. In an emergency statement after a tense day of ... read more..


BOOKS FOR BAIRNS - Put childrens education first

The SNP Constituency MSP for Argyll & Bute Michael Russell has urged Argyll & Bute Council to reverse its decision on the axing of all school librarians and has suggested a way in which the £1... read more..


‘STRIKING’ Link between sanction & mental health

SNP RENEW CALL FOR HALT TO ALL SANCTIONS   The SNP has today renewed its call for a halt to all benefit sanctions until a full independent review is carried out, as new research shows that t... read more..


Falkland Islands- a poignant but a remarkable trip

I have just returned from an very, very useful and quite fascinating visit to the Falkland Islands. I was fortunate enough to have been chosen from the vastly over-subscribed trip organised by the Arm... read more..


SNP MP: Full transparency from MoD on Nuclear convoys

SNP MP Owen Thompson has responded to the parliamentary answer received from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) about transparency of information relating to nuclear convoys.  The MoD has confirmed th... read more..


SCOTTISH transport investment outstrips rest of UK

ANALYSIS: POSITIVE PICTURE ON SNP GOVERNMENT RECORD   Scotland is investing twice as much per person on transport as England and has spent more per head on improving infrastructure than all ... read more..


SCOTTISH NHS outperforms rest of UK for A&E waiting times

SNP TAKES ACTION WHILE HUNT ATTACKS JUNIOR DOCTORS   A&E waiting times in Scotland improved dramatically over 2015, with Scotland now consistently outperforming the rest of the UK. ... read more..


Record shows SNP ‘Scotland's party of social justice

PARTY READY TO BUILD ON STRONG TRACK RECORD IF RE-ELECTED  Marking the UN’s World Day of Social Justice, SNP MSP Kevin Stewart has highlighted the SNP’s strong track record in making Scotland a ... read more..


The SNP Budget Proposals

The Argyll & Bute Council Budget 2016-2017 People in Argyll & Bute are deeply worried about the proposed cuts in education and services by the Council’s ruling Conservative /Liberal Democrat ... read more..


MHAIRI BLACK – Young voters must make their voices heard

HOLYROOD ELECTION ‘TOO IMPORTANT’ TO STAND ON THE SIDELINES  SNP MP Mhairi Black is today calling on young people in Scotland to ensure they make their voice heard in the Holyrood election – ami... read more..


UKG has questions to answer over tax credit "phishing letters" contract

SNP MP Ronnie Cowan has called on the UK Government to urgently clarify whether it supports private contractor Concentrix’s practice of indiscriminately sending phishing letters to low-income families... read more..


SCOTLAND best in UK for employment

UNEMPLOYMENT DOWN AND YOUTH JOBS UP OVER LAST QUARTER   The Scottish employment rate increased to 74.8% over the last quarter of 2015 – outperforming the rest of the UK – meaning more Scots ... read more..


Taking a holiday at this crucial time for Scotland's future beggars belief

The UK Government is absolutely committed to securing an agreement with the Scottish Government,” he wrote......Little did we know he was writing at the same time as he was squeezing a week’s worth of... read more..


OIL & Gas workers given chance to retrain as teachers

SUPPORT ANNOUNCED AS PART FUNDING PACKAGE FOR NORTH EAST   Oil and gas workers will be given the chance to retrain as teachers as part of the Scottish Government’s package of support for the... read more..


Fracking research contracts tendered

THE tendering of the first set of research contracts to study the potential effects of fracking in Scotland has been announced. It was confirmed at the weekend that four separate bodies will research... read more..


SNP: “Overwhelming concensus” for post study work visa for Scotland

The Scottish National Party has today welcomed a report from the Scottish Affairs Committee that found an “overwhelming consensus” among Scotland’s academic and business communities for a post study w... read more..


Tory fiscal framework cut equivalent to 8,000 nurses

“NO DETRIMENT” PRINCIPLE MUST BE DELIVERED   The £3 billion cut that would be imposed by the Tory Treasury’s Fiscal Framework proposal is the equivalent of 8,000 nurses every year or 6,000 p... read more..

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