Thursday, 27 October 2016 13:19

FMQS: Brexit "Hotline" has a 36 hour wait

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Theresa May’s lack of plan means “the hard right Brexiteers are able to impose their own agenda,” the First Minister said at First Minister’s Questions.

The First Minister was speaking in response to a question from SNP MSP Joan McAlpine on the revelations that Theresa May had warned that leaving the single market would see businesses leave the UK.

It was also revealed that Michael Russell phoned the promised “Brexit hotline” on Tuesday – and did not get through to David Davis for 36 hours.

The First Minister said:

“I suspect that the truth is that the Prime Minister doesn’t have a plan for Brexit, so the hard right Brexiteers are able to impose their own agenda.

“When we met this week, the Prime Minister was unwilling or, I suspect, unable to answer even the most simple and obvious questions. Brexit might mean Brexit, but the Prime Minister couldn’t tell us exactly what that platitude means in practice.

“The only new information we got on Monday was that the UK government has set up what they have called a ‘hotline’ to David Davis – I can share with the Chamber today that Michael Russell’s office called that hotline this week.

“He called it just before midday on Tuesday, it took until after 6pm yesterday to actually get David Davis on the hotline, that’s 36 hours. So yes, there is now a telephone line we can call, it’s just currently not very hot.”