Tuesday, 25 October 2016 20:24

UNIONS warn tories will use Brexit smokescreen to attack workers rights

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Hard-right Tory MPs are planning to use Brexit as an opportunity to attack our rights in the workplace, trade unions have warned.

Former Tory chairman Grant Shapps plans to insert a sunset clause into Theresa May’s Brexit Bill which would see all EU laws automatically expire after five years in a bid to scrap “red tape”. EU regulations underpin many workplace rights, such as parental leave and paid holidays.

Antonia Bance, head of campaigns at the Trades Union Congress, said that “this is how workers’ rights come under threat”.

Commenting, SNP MSP Joan McAlpine said:

“Theresa May’s plans to pursue a hard-right Tory Brexit apparently don’t even go far enough for her braying backbenchers, who now want a bonfire of workers’ rights and social protections.

“But in the complete absence of any plan, negotiating strategy or vision of what Brexit means it’s no surprise that Tory MPs are using Brexit as a smokescreen to pursue their Thatcherite fantasies.

“The SNP warned during the referendum that a Leave vote would undermine rights in the workplace, with our social protections just one of the benefits of EU membership that voters in Scotland didn’t want to lose.

“Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU and the Tories have no mandate to inflict this hard-right Brexit on us – which is why the Scottish Government will bring forward proposals to protect our relationship with Europe and to devolve powers currently controlled by Europe.”