Tuesday, 25 October 2016 20:23

SNP challenge Hammond to fight against a "hard brexit"

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During Treasury Questions today, SNP Finance Spokesperson, Stewart Hosie MP, asked the Chancellor to “rule out” a Hard Brexit.

Stewart Hosie MP said,

“This Tory Government needs to take exports seriously – including to the EU - given the balance of trade figures have gone into reverse over the past two years.”

And he asked,

“What efforts is the Chancellor making to rule-out a hard Brexit involving visas, trade barriers, tariffs and an end to the Customs Union with our partners in Europe all of which would be damaging to our exports and lead as the Treasury have pointed out to a loss of £66 billion of revenues, GDP down around 7.5% and the loss of perhaps 1/2 million jobs?”

Commenting later Mr Hosie said,

“Both the leaked Treasury assessment and the recent LSE/Centre for Economic Performance Brexit analysis paint a very gloomy picture of increased costs, reduced GDP and poorer productivity.

“Scotland and the UK should do everything possible to avoid those outcomes.

“The Chancellor should today have stood up for access to the single market to support business in the UK.

“Instead, like the Prime Minister yesterday, there was only sound bites and spin.”

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