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NEW POLL - Majority support keeping Scotland in the Single Market

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A new poll from Ipsos MORI has shown that there is overwhelming support across the country for the Scottish Government’s attempts to keep Scotland in the single market.

61% of voters in Scotland agreed that access that access to the European single market should be a priority for Brexit negotiations, compared to only 22% who said prioritised control over immigration – showing support for the efforts of the Scottish Government to ensure that Scotland is not dragged out of the European Union against its will.

This is the fifth poll since the EU referendum to show people prioritising access to the single market over restricting freedom of movement.

Commenting, SNP MSP and convener of Holyrood’s Europe committee, Joan McAlpine, said:

“This poll shows that the Scottish Government is absolutely right to be exploring all possible options to keep Scotland in the EU with access to all the benefits that this brings – and this position is supported across Scotland.

“The European single market is vital to jobs, businesses and opportunities across Scotland and it is welcome news that people across the country share this view. It is the fifth time we’ve seen this preference in opinion polls – and it would be very unwise for Theresa May to continue pushing for a hard Brexit, with people from all across the UK agreeing on the need to prioritise single market access.

“The Scottish Government has been working hard and rightly exploring all options to keep Scotland in the EU – including the option of an independence referendum if it becomes clear that this is the only way to protect Scotland from the consequences of a hard Brexit.

“It’s time for the UK government to recognise the necessity and desire for Scotland to remain part of the European single market and to do all it can to ensure that businesses and workers do not lose out once again at the hands of the Tories.”


The opinion poll showed that 61% of people in Scotland agree that ‘Britain should prioritise having access to the European Single Market’, whilst 22% agree that ‘Britain should prioritise having control over immigration’.

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