Wednesday, 19 October 2016 08:08

Except for voters in Scotland

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In 2014, the Tories told Scotland that we are an equal partner in the UK.

On her first visit to Scotland as Prime Minister, Theresa May said that she was “willing to listen to options” on Scotland and that the Scottish Government would be “fully engaged” in Brexit discussions. Since then the Prime Minister’s promises have been undermined by her own actions.

While the UK Government is intent on ignoring Scotland’s interests, it talks about favourable deals for other parts of the UK economy. Here are just some examples:

  • The Financial Times has reported that the UK Government is considering paying billions of pounds into the EU to maintain access to the single market for the banking and financial services industry in the City.
  • Theresa May has given reassurances to Nissan that its car plant in Sunderland will not face worse trading conditions following Brexit.
  • The UK Brexit Secretary and Prime Minister have both given assurances that they will seek a bespoke Brexit deal to ensure there is no hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
  • Scotland voted, overwhelmingly to remain.

With Scotland now facing the prospect of a hard Brexit, the SNP Scottish Government is taking action to protect Scotland’s vital interests in Europe. Read more about our action to protect our place in Europe here.