Tuesday, 27 September 2016 15:48

SNP MP condemns Foreign secretary for turning blind eye

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SNP MP Douglas Chapman, a member of the Arms Exports Controls Committee at Westminster, has condemned Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson for not supporting a UN led independent inquiry into the use of British made bombs in Yemen.

The SNP have called for the UK government to halt arms sales to Saudi Arabia and open an independent investigation into serious allegations of breaches of international law in the conflict in Yemen.
Douglas Chapman MP said:
“The on-going disaster unfolding  in Yemen is of devastating proportions.
“As Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson has a responsibility to ensure that the UK is not party to heaping endless misery on the people of Yemen . He is turning a blind eye to this humanitarian tragedy.
‘’Two Committees at Westminster have asked for a cessation of arms exports to Saudi Arabia until an international inquiry takes place. While the UK has been correctly quick to criticise other countries for their barbaric bombing of an aid convoy, it cannot hide from its own actions.
“In the absence of a UN inquiry and as the only effective opposition to this increasingly right wing Tory government, the SNP will continue to push the Foreign Secretary on this issue until the UK fully accepts its international responsibilities."