Friday, 02 September 2016 07:15

STURGEON: SCOTLAND needa a new debate on our future

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will today launch the biggest political listening exercise ever undertaken by the SNP.

In a speech in Stirling, the SNP leader will highlight the growing divergence between the ambitious Scottish Government she leads – commanding record levels of trust and working in Scotland’s best interests  – and an increasingly hostile, right-wing Tory government at Westminster which has put our future in Europe at risk.  
The First Minister will say that profoundly changed circumstances across the UK in the wake of Brexit, the implosion of the Labour party and the prospect of decades of Tory rule at Westminster mean it is the right time for a new debate on Scotland’s future.
Nicola Sturgeon will say:
“The SNP’s job is to act – at all times – in Scotland’s best interests.
“But while working in Scotland’s interests is a constant for the SNP, this summer we witnessed seismic changes which will have a deep impact on our ambition for this country.
“The UK that existed before June 23 has fundamentally changed. The debate now is whether we should go forward, protecting our place as a European nation or go backwards, under a Tory government with very different priorities. And while we will pursue all options to protect our interests, the debate must include an examination of independence in what are profoundly changed circumstances
“To ensure that the voice of everyone in Scotland is heard in these changed times, I am today launching Scotland’s biggest ever political listening exercise - a new conversation and a new debate for these new times."