Friday, 15 July 2016 04:53

NEW cabinet appointments signal 'sharp turn to the right'

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NP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP has said Theresa May’s new Cabinet appointments signal a ‘sharp turn to the right’ for UK politics.

Angus Robertson MP said:

“Following a tumultuous few weeks in politics, I’m pleased to see the new Prime Minister wasting no time in setting up her Cabinet and I wish them all well in their new positions.

“However as the news of the new Cabinet unfolds, there is serious cause for concern with a range of appointments – we are witnessing the creation of one of the most right-wing Cabinets in the modern era.

“From Boris Johnson as our Foreign Secretary – a man who will now be representing us on the world stage – to David Davis as Brexit Minister and Liam Fox for Trade, it will be Brexiteers who are taking forward UK foreign policy.

"We also have Jeremy Hunt being re-appointed as Health Secretary, despite the ongoing disputes with junior doctors, and Priti Patel as Minister for International Development, despite previously calling for the department to be abolished.

"The news that the Department for Energy and Climate Change is being merged with Business, Innovation and Skills, is also particularly worrying given the current challenges facing the energy sector.

“The new Prime Minister may have used her maiden speech outside Downing Street to speak of social justice but the mask has already slipped – and the reality is we are witnessing a sharp turn to the right in UK politics.”