Wednesday, 13 July 2016 16:30

MUNDELL concedes need for seperate EU deal for Scotland

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The SNP has today (Wednesday) welcomed a concession from Scottish Secretary David Mundell that Scotland could have a separate EU deal, in the wake of the overwhelming vote to remain in the EU.

Mr Mundell said that he was “open to Scotland having a slightly different deal” from the rest of the UK.

SNP MP Stephen Gethins described the comments as a “significant concession” from the Scottish Tories and said the unanimity among Scotland’s main political parties sends a “strong message” to the incoming Prime Minister.

Mr Gethins said:

“This is a welcome – if belated – acknowledgement from the Scottish Conservatives that the overwhelming vote to remain in the EU from the people of Scotland must be respected.

“Given the mess that his party has created, this is a significant concession from David Mundell that the Scottish Government is right to do everything it can to secure Scotland’s relationship with the EU.

“There is now unanimity among Scotland’s main political parties about the importance of protecting Scotland’s EU status – which sends a strong message to the incoming Prime Minister that the people of Scotland will not accept simply being dragged out of the EU against our will.

“The benefits of our EU membership, such as access to the single market, are absolutely vital to Scotland’s economy, and I look forward to working constructively with the new Prime Minister to protect Scotland’s position.”

Mr Mundell’s comments are reported on Page 6 of today’s Herald