Wednesday, 13 July 2016 14:00

PMQs: Angus Robertson on Cameron's Legacy

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SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP paid tribute to David Cameron during his last Prime Minister’s Questions today on their joint work to commemorate the Srebrenica genocide –on the 21st anniversary of the massacre.

Speaking in the chamber today, Angus Robertson MP said the commemoration of Srebrenica was one of the few causes he shares with the Prime Minister, and notwithstanding political differences, he sends his best wishes to the David Cameron and his family.

On the Prime Minister’s legacy however, the SNP Westminster Leader said he will be remembered for “taking us to the brink of being taken out of the European Union.”

Commenting, Angus Robertson MP said:

“David Cameron and I were elected at the same time, and we have always had a collegiate relationship. Notwithstanding our political differences, I wish the Prime Minister and his family the very best.

“However David Cameron’s legacy in Scotland will be one that has taken us to the brink of leaving the EU, and for his damaging austerity policies which have hit the most vulnerable the hardest, and so his premiership was not applauded from our benches in the chamber today.

“The SNP is committed to working in the best interests of Scotland, and we will continue to be the effective opposition in Westminster as Theresa May becomes the new Prime Minister.”