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MPs Commemorate 21st anniversary of Srebrenica genocide

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On the 21st anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, SNP MP George Kerevan will today welcome MPs and journalists to the parliamentary screening of a documentary which assesses the aftermath of the worst European genocide since the Second World War. Between 11th and 22th July 1995 8,732 Bosnian men and teenage boys were murdered by Serbian forces during the Bosnian war.

A mix of harrowing archive footage and contemporary interviews, The Fog of Srebrenica recounts the stories of survivors of the genocide who recall the horror of summer 1995.

SNP MP and Executive Producer of the film George Kerevan praised the work of the charity “Remembering Srebrenica” in supporting the special screening for MPs, journalists and producers.

Commenting, George Kerevan MP said:

“It is of utmost importance that we take the time to commemorate and reflect on the causes and consequences of the tragic events which unfolded at the door of Europe only two decades ago. As the then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said, the Srebrenica massacre was “the worst on European soil since the Second World War”.

“This week marks the 21st century of the Srebrenica genocide, and there will be numerous events throughout the week. We are extremely honoured to host the parliamentary screening of the award-winning documentary by Samir Mehanovic and I would like to give my thanks to the charity “Remembering Srebrenica” for all their help.

“It is my hope that this documentary sheds light on the lives lost and the survivors who continue to relive each phase of the atrocity and their hellish ordeal. It gives all MPs, journalists and other stakeholders the chance to remember the tragedy and an opportunity to ensure that the message gets through.

“We have a responsibility as parliamentarians and members of the media to do everything we can to ensure that it never happens again.

Edinburgh-based director Samir Mehanovic, who escaped Bosnia for the UK the same year as the genocide, grew up in the neighbouring town of Tuzla, and was inspired to make this film after a 2014 visit to the Srebrenica memorial, within the mass graveyard at Potocari.

Commenting, Mr. Mehanovic said:

“We’re always pleased to show our documentary to different types of audiences and we’re extremely grateful to be able to organise this parliamentary screening in the week of the 21st anniversary of the genocide.

“The Fog of Srebrenica was conceived as a vivid reminder for present and future generations, and, as one of the survivors I interview says, 'in the hope that this will never, ever happen to anyone again' and I am sure MPs and journalists will contribute to spreading the message that these history lessons should be learned once and for all. “


Samir Mehanovic is available for interview ahead of the screenings, and will be attending each one to answer audience questions afterwards. High-res stills from this beautifully-shot film are available on request, and a Vimeo screener is available for review. The trailer can be seen here:

A shorter version of this film was broadcast on BBC Newsnight on the 11th of July 2015.

The film itself has been partially funded by Creative Scotland.

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