Tuesday, 12 July 2016 07:32

SCOTTISH LABOUR 'Should show backbone'

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A SNP MP has called on the Labour Party in Scotland to ‘show some backbone’ and lobby their colleagues in Westminster to vote against Trident renewal when the vote is put to the UK Parliament next week.

MPs will be asked to vote on whether or not construction work should be given the green light for replacing the fleet of nuclear submarines at Faslane at a cost of £205 billion after the Prime Minister confirmed a vote will be put to MPs in the House of Commons next Monday 18th July.

While the majority of Labour MPs are expected to vote in favour of Trident renewal, Scottish Labour party delegates overhwelmingly backed a vote to scrap the UK's Trident nuclear missile system at their conference last year.

The SNP will unequivocally vote to reject the renewal of Trident.

SNP MP Martin Docherty-Hughes commented:

“Scottish Labour should show some backbone and lobby their London colleagues in the best interests of Scotland.

“It is particularly galling that the UK government plans to dump this nuclear arsenal on the Clyde for the next fifty years despite overwhelming opposition from the Scottish people, as well as the Scottish Government and Parliament.

“At a time of Tory austerity and serious economic uncertainty following the Brexit vote – when we are being told there isn’t even enough money to properly fund our public services, it is absurd to waste hundreds of billions on outdated nuclear weapons that we don’t want, don't need, and could never use.

“The SNP is clear in our position, and I urge Scottish Labour to do all they can to persuade their colleagues in the UK Parliament of ending this obscene waste of money on these redundant and dangerous weapons.“