Monday, 11 July 2016 13:13

MAY will not be allowed to forget role in Anti-Worker UK Government

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Speaking following the launch of Theresa May’s leadership campaign today, an SNP MSP has said that Ms May will not be allowed to forget her role as an enthusiastic member of the most anti-worker UK Government in generations – after her ‘transparent’ claims to be pro-worker.

Despite serving as one of the most senior Cabinet ministers in a UK Government which has hit ordinary people in the pocket through their ideological obsession with austerity, and is seeking to strip away the rights of workers through their regressive Trade Union Bill, Theresa May has today claimed that the Tories are on the side of working people.

The Tory government has also broken a series of promises to workers in Scotland – with thousands of workers in the Clyde shipyards, HMRC offices and the renewables industry suffering as a result.

Commenting, SNP MSP Clare Haughey – a former divisional convener with Unison – said:

“The Tory government is engaged in a relentless and sustained assault on the most basic workers’ rights, forcing through some legislation which even Margaret Thatcher didn’t dare to try – and Theresa May won’t be allowed to forget the fact that she was sitting around the table as each and every one of these regressive, anti-worker decisions was made.

“From the Trade Union Bill to austerity cuts, Tory policies have hurt working people. And either she has had a Damascene conversion or is simply seeking to use workers to give her own leadership ambitions a boost – and it won’t take long for people in Scotland to figure out which of these is true.

“In contrast to transparent rhetoric from Theresa May, the Scottish Government has a strong track record in promoting fair work and the real Living Wage.

“If Ms May is remotely serious in her claims, she might wish to learn some lessons from the approach of the SNP in government – and pledge to repeal the anti-worker Trade Union Bill brought in by her government.

“Workers in Scotland have heard this type of nonsense from Tory politicians before and got wise to the Tory con-trick long ago. That’s exactly why Theresa May’s latest claims will fall on deaf ears, and the Tories will continue to be seen as what they are – the party of the privileged few, rather than the party of working people.”


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