Sunday, 10 July 2016 08:58

“GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY” for new Independence case

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The former chief civil servant at the Treasury, Sir Nicholas Macpherson has made clear that the case for Scottish independence has been bolstered in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union.

Writing in the Financial Times, the erstwhile Treasury chief — formerly a prominent critic of the case for Scottish independence — said the UK’s decision to leave the EU “changes terms of debate north of the border” and that an “independent Scotland committed to the EU would have an extraordinary opportunity to attract inward investment as well as highly skilled migrants”.

He called it “a golden opportunity for proponents of Scottish independence to reappraise their economic prospects”.

Commenting, the SNP’s Derek Mackay MSP said:
“This is a truly remarkable conversion from the chief architect of the Treasury’s anti-independence stance.
“It is a significant reflection upon how fundamentally things have changed following the EU referendum, in which Scotland voted overwhelmingly to continue within the EU but still faces the prospect of being taken out of Europe against our will.
“As Sir Nicholas outlined, continuing EU membership allows Scotland to still have access to the world’s biggest market and the many benefits that brings — that’s why our First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has taken swift action, and is exploring all the options to ensure our future within Europe is protected.
“There are very many people who hadn’t before been convinced about independence who are now opening up to the opportunities it brings for Scotland.”

Link to article “The case for Scottish independence looks stronger post-Brexit” by Nicholas Macpherson