Wednesday, 25 May 2016 12:24

DAVIDSON should be working for Scotland!

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Following reports that Tory Leader Ruth Davidson has refused the rule out a move to Westminster, the SNP has called on her to “spend her time working for Scotland” – not on her own promotion within her party.

Commenting, SNP MSP Gordon MacDonald said:

“People in Edinburgh Central will be utterly stunned – just three weeks after Ruth Davidson was elected she is now refusing to rule out leaving them to pursue a new career at Westminster.

“Ms Davidson is previously on record as saying she has no interest in a career in the House of Commons, but is now apparently rowing back on that commitment – and it would not be the first U-turn or flip-flop we have seen from her. It may be that she believes her party have peaked – but it is highly disrespectful to her new constituents in Edinburgh for her to fuel such speculation.

“Ruth Davidson would do better to spend her time doing the job she was elected to do for her constituents and working for Scotland, instead of seeking her own ‘promotion’ within the Tory party to what she clearly considers to be a more powerful Parliament.

“While it is clear that the Tories remain focussed on their own careers – the SNP will be absolutely focussed on the job of building a fairer, more prosperous Scotland.”