Tuesday, 24 May 2016 11:06

TORY MSP won't support regressive tory policies

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The SNP has today highlighted comments from new Tory MSP Brian Whittle which make clear his opposition to the Bedroom Tax; his admission that Tory welfare cuts have led to a rise in food banks; that fracking should not go ahead if it impacts public health; and that the benefit sanction regime should be overhauled.

Commenting, SNP MSP Mairi Evans said:

“These comments from a new Tory MSP, made just last year, show that even Ruth Davidson’s own backbenchers are unwilling to support the most regressive Tory policies.

“Brian Whittle’s remarks are a reminder that the Scottish Tories support the Bedroom Tax, that they continue to defend a benefit sanctions regime pushing families into poverty – and that they want to start fracking now regardless of the consequences.

“In contrast, the SNP will always pursue progressive policies that tackle inequality, reduce poverty and protect our communities. We will abolish the Bedroom Tax once and for all and there will be no fracking unless it is beyond doubt that it will not harm our health or environment.

“On such key issues as the welfare cuts and fracking, Ruth Davidson must decide whether she will stand up for people in Scotland or if she will continue to stand with David Cameron – otherwise it will be clearer than ever that only the SNP can be trusted to always act in Scotland’s best interests.”


The Daily Record reported 01/05/2015:

“He [Brian Whittle] admitted he would have voted against the bedroom tax, adding: ‘The real problem is a lack of social housing.’

“The former industrial chemist said we should not give fracking the green light until potential health issues ‘have been properly looked at’.

“Whittle also admitted that the use of food banks had ‘exploded’ under the Tory-led Government and urged the issue to be properly looked at.

“He also said the system of benefits sanctions ‘needs to be overhauled’.