Saturday, 30 April 2016 05:22


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 With six days to go in the Scottish Parliament election campaign, membership of the SNP has reached a new record level of 116,000.

 The 116,000th member of the SNP, Ross Pigott, will vote for the first time in this election as he turns sixteen on polling day.

 Commenting, SNP Youth Campaign Coordinator Mhairi Black MP said:

 “The growth in the SNP since the referendum has been phenomenal, and now as we reach an incredible 116,000 members it is clear that we are still growing.

 “It is clear to me from travelling across Scotland talking to young people that they are among the most engaged, informed and enthusiastic voters – it is no surprise to me that our newest member will be a first time voter.

 “Not only will Ross vote for the first time but he actually turns sixteen on polling day – I am immensely proud that it was an SNP government that extended the franchise to 16 and 17 year olds like Ross.

 “The SNP is the only party with the policies and vision to stand up for Scotland’s young people – and that the only way to guarantee the re-election of Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister in an SNP Scottish Government is to cast both votes for the SNP.”

 Ross Pigott, who is the 116,000th member of the SNP, added:

 “Next week I’ll get to vote for the first time in the first election that sixteen year-olds have had the vote – and that’s because the SNP government made it happen.

 “It’s obvious from looking at the SNP’s policies that the care about young people like me – that’s why I’m so excited to the 116,000 member of the party.”