Thursday, 28 April 2016 20:45

STURGEON – seven days to keep Scotland moving forward

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 SNP Leader and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon put her party’s campaign in top gear today, setting off on a seven-day push for votes around Scotland.

 Ms Sturgeon was joined in Queensferry by Depute Leader Stewart Hosie, Campaign Director John Swinney and a fleet of SNP people carriers that will tour target seats all over the country as the party drives home the importance of electing Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister to keep Scotland moving forward.

 The SNP fleet will set off on tour with Nicola Sturgeon starting her final week of campaigning in Edinburgh West, John Swinney heading to Dumbarton and Stewart Hosie driving north.

 As the SNP campaign moves into top gear for the final week, Nicola Sturgeon said that as voters decide who will be First Minister it is only the SNP that will invest properly to transform Scotland’s health services, double the availability of free childcare and ensure Scotland has a world class education system.
 Commenting, Ms Sturgeon said:
 “The SNP in government has made real progress on so many issues, but we are determined to go even further, and over the next week we will be working harder than ever to drive home our positive message to people in Scotland.
 “If I am re-elected as First Minister with a strong SNP Government behind me we will be able to shape a better future for Scotland by increasing childcare, transforming the NHS and securing more and better paid jobs with opportunities for all our young people.
 “We will invest in 50,000 new houses, help small businesses and invest £750m in improving attainment in our schools.
 “As we enter the final week of campaigning the SNP is the only party with a clear plan to take Scotland forward.
 “The Labour party find themselves in complete disarray on almost every policy issue, and the Tories cannot hide their plans to tax students and scrap free prescriptions. They simply cannot be trusted to protect Scotland’s interests.

 “With just seven days to go I am asking people across Scotland to put their trust in me as First Minister and to back a strong SNP government with a positive, ambitious plans to shape a better future for Scotland.
 “And it’s only by taking the opportunity of casting both votes for the SNP that we can be sure of re-electing a government which will always put Scotland first.”