Wednesday, 27 April 2016 17:34

LABOUR £800M fail on NHS investment

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 Labour today failed to support Scotland’s NHS as the long delayed Labour manifesto offered the lowest commitment to NHS funding of any party – short-changing Scotland’s NHS by at least £800m in total by the end of the next Parliament.

 The Labour party manifesto fails to give the NHS the full Barnett consequentials expected from health spending in England, and offers only to protect NHS budgets, leaving the NHS short changed by almost £800m.
 In contrast the SNP manifesto pledges to deliver almost £2bn of increased investment – taking the NHS budget above both real terms increases and the expected increases from the Barnett formula, in order to transform NHS services.
 SNP Health Secretary Shona Robison said:
 “It is clear the Labour party are preparing to let down Scotland’s valuable health service.  
 “Instead of joining the SNP and committing the investment that is needed to make the service fit for the 21st century, Labour are short-changing Scotland’s NHS.  That is a true betrayal of Labour’s roots.
 “The SNP will invest to make our NHS fit for the future because we know how important the NHS is to Scotland -  that means putting almost £2bn of additional spending into expanding community services by the end of the parliament, boosting cancer services, supporting health and social care, increasing specialist, GP and nursing staff, and building new treatment centres.
 “With a week to the election Labour’s secret is out.  Failing to fund the NHS, taxing low paid workers and standing shoulder to shoulder with the Tories shows exactly why the Labour party is in the mess that it is.
 “It is only with Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister and a re-elected SNP Government that we can ensure our NHS has the investment in needs to move forward."

 Note: The Labour manifesto states that they will give only “real terms protection” to Scotland’s NHS.

 By only giving the NHS resource budget inflationary increases, the budget would reach just £13.6 bn in 2021-22. By delivering Barnett, it reaches £13.9 bn or an additional £800m over the Parliament and with the SNP it reaches £14.1 bn or almost £2bn of additional investment.