Wednesday, 27 April 2016 17:23

SWINNEY highlights SNP jobs plans

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 Deputy First Minister John Swinney today highlighted the SNP’s plans for jobs – with key pledges including the extension of the small business bonus and a jobs strategy based on fair work.

 Mr Swinney was speaking at a campaign event in Aberdeen, where he visited the social enterprise Glencraft alongside Aberdeen Donside candidate Mark McDonald.

 Glencraft is a manufacturer of beds and mattresses whose workforce is 80% disabled or disadvantaged. The SNP manifesto commits the party to support businesses, such as Remploy, who provided supported employment to disabled people.

 The SNP has also set out plans for:

  • A new Labour market strategy within 100 days
  • An increase in the number of Living Wage employers to 1000 by autumn 2017
  • Investing £20m to support people back into work
  • Employer Recruitment Initiative to help young people, including those with disabilities, who face barriers to employment
  • £12m investment in retraining to help workers in the North East of Scotland

 Commenting, John Swinney said:

 “To boost our economy we need more people, in more and better paid jobs.

 “A re-elected SNP government will work tirelessly to grow our economy and to support workers across the country and to create more opportunities for employment.

 “We’ll bring forward a new labour market strategy, based on the principles of Fair Work, within the first 100 days of a new SNP administration.

 “We will increase the number of living wage employers, invest £20m on top of UK Government funding into employability services to support people back into work and to help our businesses we will lift 100,000 small businesses out of business rates entirely.

 “Our approach will also make sure that those who may face barriers getting into work get the help and support they need, so we can ensure that we use all of the talents of people across the country.

 “The SNP government has helped Scotland’s economy through the recession and with our bold, ambitious and reforming plans we can meet the challenges facing Scotland in the next five years.

 “It is only with Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister and the SNP in government that voters can be confident that Scotland’s economy is in safe hands.”

 Aberdeen Donside candidate Mark McDonald added:

 “Glencraft are a fantastic local social enterprise who provide opportunities to people who might otherwise struggle to find work.

 “The support shown to Glencraft is exactly the kind of approach the SNP will provide to the whole economy, investing in all of our people and supporting people into work.

 “The SNP will continue to back such Supported Businesses through public procurement and practical help – ensuring that people with disabilities are given the opportunity to thrive and prosper.”