Wednesday, 27 April 2016 17:20

UK Government bill - A ‘reminder of tory contempt for trade unions’

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The SNP has said that the Tory Trade Union Bill - returning to the House of Commons today ( Wednesday ) shows the continuing contempt the UK government has for the Trade Union movement . Even with concessions forced on the government – it is unworkable and poorly thought out.

 As the NHS in England faces another day of action by junior doctors faced with an imposed and dangerous contract by Jeremy Hunt - the Tories are determined to push through their Trade Unions Bill that would further diminish hard fought for worker’s rights. This Dickensian Bill  is quite simply  bad - unwanted and unnecessary.
 Chris Stephens MP, SNP Trade Unions spokesperson at Westminster said:
 “This Bill stands as a reminder of the contempt with which the Tory government holds the trade union movement. It is designed primarily to strike at the heart of a trade unions ability to organise.
 “While the UK government's "concessions" are welcome, they still do not go far enough. The very fact that the  government was tacking on amendments at the eleventh hour shows how poorly thought out and unworkable this Bill really is.
 “The SNP will always value a strong, vibrant trade union movement which stands up for its workers. Workers' rights are at the heart of the SNP’s Fair Work agenda.
 "We will continue to work with unions – to disrupt this Bill, to do everything in our power to block it. The Lords amendments go some way to ensuring this Bill is more palatable however the UK government’s amendments have weakened their intentions.
 “It would be an outrage if the ability of the Scottish government to work constructively with trade unions was curtailed by the anti-union ideology of the Tories. We will look to the UK government today for reassurance particularly on facility time that it will not be dictating to Scotland how to treat Scottish workers.
 “If the SNP is returned as the government next week it will take every possible step to support and work constructively with trade unions.''