Wednesday, 27 April 2016 06:36


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Gail Robertson, the SNP’s candidate for Dumbarton has welcomed the launch of her party’s manifesto, describing it as “a manifesto for the next generation”.

Speaking after attending the launch of the document by Nicola Sturgeon in Edinburgh on Wednesday, Miss Robertson said,

“Our manifesto offers an ambitious vision for the next five years. It will “open the doors of opportunity to all our young people” with a re-elected SNP government focused on doubling free childcare, reforming education, improving attainment and increasing access to university and training.
The SNP’s promise in this election is not simply to maintain our record - it is to build on it. It is not business as usual. It is transformation”.

The manifesto sets out plans to transform Scotland’s health service, create a nation of innovators and entrepreneurs, restore dignity to the social security system, and to decentralise public services and empower people across the country.

Welcoming a range of policies on children and education - that will begin with the provision of a universal baby box to every newborn baby – Miss Robertson said

 “A re-elected SNP government will restore Scotland’s education system to pride of place as one of the very best in the world. We will develop a new, fair and transparent funding formula for schools, to ensure that resources go where they are needed most.”

“We will expand our Attainment Fund and invest an additional £750 million in the next Parliament to close the gap in educational attainment. We intend to make significant progress in closing the attainment gap and breaking down the barriers that mean young people from poorer backgrounds are less likely to go to university than their more affluent peers.”

“This truly is a manifesto for the next generation” said Miss Robertson.