Wednesday, 27 April 2016 06:34

Robertson: Dumbarton Constituency will benefit from progressive SNP policies.

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During the past few months the SNP have mounted the biggest and most ambitious campaign ever to present our vision for Scotland’s future to the people of Dumbarton, Helensburgh & Lomond and the Vale.

We have campaigned on a range of issues covering education, health, social care, jobs and the economy however we must also look to the future.

The potential to rebuild our economy and create many sustainable jobs is on our doorstep, Loch Lomond, the Forth & Clyde Canal and the National Park are our back garden. Tourism and Leisure industry and all the businesses that support it is where we must focus our efforts.  Investing in and promoting our assets to make this area an attractive destination should be a priority. There is no shortage of attractions, the John Muir Way, the West Highland Way, the “Maid of the Loch” sailing by 2018, Denny Tank, Dumbarton Castle and many more reasons to come and visit this constituency.  

Currently between Air Passenger Duty (APD) and VAT the UK is the highest travel taxed country in the world. To help boost the number of people coming to visit our area the SNP will reduce APD by 50% and as resources allow abolish it completely. Studies show that this has the potential to increase the numbers of visitors coming to Scotland boosting our economy and creating jobs. We only need to look across to Dublin to see the increase in passengers and routes that reducing ADP can achieve.

We will continue to support small and medium businesses with the Small Business Bonus Scheme reducing or abolishing business rates for over 1300 local business and putting £1.8 million into the local economy every year. These small businesses are where real jobs growth potential lies and we must help them grow.

Young people are our country’s future.  30.000 apprenticeships supported with a new Jobs Grant to help them get into work, free bus travel for apprentices and unemployed young people and help with housing for 18-21 years will make sure that they benefit too.

Creating job opportunities for young and old is a major part of re-building our local economy. More, better and higher paid jobs is part of our ambitious manifesto.

Investing almost £20 billion in roads, rail, schools, 50,000 new homes and extending super fast broadband to every property will boost job creation across Scotland.

If elected on the 5th of May I will strive to ensure that the Dumbarton Constituency benefits from these progressive SNP policies.