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LABOUR MANIFESTO “An exercise in papering over the cracks”

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 Labour’s disastrous election campaign has exposed the party as completely unfit for government, the SNP said today (Wednesday), with Kezia Dugdale the least popular leader in the Scottish Parliament.

 Ahead of the Labour manifesto launch in Edinburgh today, the SNP said that the series of flip-flops and u-turns made by the party during the election campaign was proof that Labour have no idea what they stand for any more.

 On Sunday the Labour leader admitted that the manifesto will also include policies on Trident that she doesn’t agree with, raising questions over the rest of the manifesto content.

  • Labour’s manifesto will contain a commitment to scrapping Trident which leader Kezia Dugdale is openly arguing against.
  • Labour went into this campaign claiming that they would protect low income households from their tax rises, but this was quickly abandoned and instead they are taking away their personal allowance increase.
  • Before the campaign, Kezia Dugdale said it was ‘not inconceivable’ that she could back independence if Scotland were taken out of the EU against its wishes, but now says she would block a future vote on independence under all circumstances

 Labour’s campaign has been beset by unnamed senior Labour sources openly criticising Kezia Dugdale’s leadership and speculating on who will replace her after the election.

 A comparison of Survation polls conducted immediately before the dissolution of Parliament and last week shows that the Labour leader’s negative poll ratings have plunged even lower during the campaign, in contrast Nicola Sturgeon’s popularity has increased during the election.

Leadership ratings

 John Swinney said:

 “This election is about which party has the best ideas – and the best leader - to drive Scotland forward.

 “Labour’s entire election campaign has been categorised by u-turns and flip-flops. It’s no wonder they’ve had to push back the manifesto launch until the final week of campaigning – even the Labour party don’t seem to know what the Labour party stand for any more.

 “On a range of hugely important issues – from tax to the constitution – people have no absolutely no idea what a vote for Labour means.

 “Labour’s chaotic position is perhaps best summed up by the fact that their manifesto will contain a pledge on Trident weapons of mass destruction – democratically agreed by the party membership -which the Labour leader in Scotland openly disagrees with.

 “The only thing which is clear is that Labour are running scared of the Tories – just as they were in the referendum.

 “While Labour’s manifesto is set to be an exercise in papering over the cracks, the SNP are the only party in this election to have put forward a programme for Government.  

 “By giving both votes to the SNP, voters can elect Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister and a government which will always stand for what they believe in – and stand stronger for Scotland.”