Tuesday, 26 April 2016 05:14

MoD fail to reassure on future of orders for clyde yards

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The SNP Defence spokesperson Brendan O’Hara has said that the MoD’s response to the urgent question on the future of shipbuilding was an utter betrayal and  has done nothing to reassure the workforce.
 The minister who answered in place of the Defence Secretary was unable to give any assurance about redundancies at the yards – which have been promised a steady flow or work by the UK government.

 The First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon had a meeting today at the Govan yard and made clear that she would raise the issue of the contract to build Type 26 frigates with Mr Cameron personally.
 Brendan O’Hara MP , SNP Defence spokesperson commented :
 ‘’The answers given today in the House of Commons will do nothing to reassure the workforce at the Clyde yards. The junior minister sent to deal with the future of Clyde shipbuilding was unable to give me any guarantees about redundancies at BAE and was less than convincing that the MoD understand how crucial  it is to keep a steady flow of work to keep the skills and talents on the Clyde in full  employment.  It was a shocking display which sadly we have come to expect from the Tories.
 ‘’It would clearly be an utter betrayal of the workforce and the whole industry if the UK government was unable to keep to the pledges it has made to the Clyde Workforce. Just three years ago the Prime Minister assured the workers at BAE that - ''Scottish defence jobs are more secure as part of the United Kingdom''.
 ‘’Any delays and threats to the workforce are completely unacceptable.’’