Monday, 25 April 2016 05:47

LABOUR descend into chaos as briefing against Dugdale begins

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 Labour's election campaign has descended into chaos today - as senior party figures briefed against beleaguered leader Kezia Dugdale in the pages of two national newspapers.

 As reported in the Sun today, Labour sources are expecting former deputy leader Anas Sarwar to launch a leadership challenge in the aftermath of the election - saying opinion is divided over what should happen to Kezia Dugdale.

 The Sunday Times reports Labour's descent into infighting, quoting one senior Labour politician when asked about the problems facing the party as saying "It's Corbyn. It's Kezia. It's our tax policy. It's our left-wing socialist platform and it’s the sh*t campaign we're running."

 The Sunday Times also quotes a Labour source as saying "they are keeping her away from everyone except Gary Tank Commander. There's a bit of a bunker mentality" after a request for an interview was declined.

 In contrast, the SNP is fully focused on putting forward its positive, ambitious plans for Scotland's future - buoyed by the successful launch of a manifesto widely welcomed by stakeholders earlier this week.

 SNP Business Convener Derek Mackay said:

 "Labour's campaign so far has been characterised by a series of splits, gaffes and policy disasters - so it's perhaps no wonder that it seems that senior Labour figures now have the knives out for their party’s leader.

 "As we enter the final full week of campaigning, it's clear that Labour have given up any pretense at being a serious political party - and have simply reverted to type and descended into infighting, speaking to themselves rather than people in Scotland.

 "With recriminations beginning already and briefing against Kezia Dugdale intensifying, it's no wonder Labour aren't viewed as a credible party of opposition, let alone a credible party of government - and will be the last thing Labour need as they get set to belatedly launch their manifesto this week.
 “In this election it is only by voting SNP that voters can elect a party and a leader who will always stand for what they believe in, who will stand up to the Tories and who will stand stronger for Scotland."