Friday, 26 February 2016 06:34

TORY Fiscal framework cut equivelant to 8,000 nurses claims Gail Robertson

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 Gail Robertson, the SNP’s Candidate for the Scottish Parliament elections in May has claimed that local electors are being betrayed by the Westminster government in negotiations over the fiscal framework for the proposed Scotland Bill.

 Councillor Robertson said this week, “ By a margin of 54% to 46%, voters in West Dunbartonshire supported an independent Scotland in the 2014 referendum, but even many of the 28,776 who voted no did so on the basis that Scotland was promised further powers – not further powers with a £3 billion price tag.”

 The £3 billion cut that would be imposed by the Tory Treasury’s Fiscal Framework proposal is the equivalent of 8,000 nurses every year or 6,000 police officers claims Robertson.

 ”These figures, compiled by the independent Scottish Parliament Information Centre, show that £3 billion could pay for the salaries of 8,000 nurses or 6,000 police officers for ten years.  The sum could also pay for 375 new primary schools or 120 secondary schools.”

 gailscarfCouncillor Robertson continued:

 ”Even after their latest concession, these stark figures show just what a devastating impact the UK Government’s Fiscal Framework proposal would have on Scotland’s budget - it is certainly not what the Smith Commission recommended or what was promised in the Vow.

 “The UK Government must honour the Smith Commission principle of no detriment. It would be completely unacceptable for Scotland’s budget to be systematically cut regardless of any changes made by the Scottish Government.

 “Scotland was promised further powers – not further powers with a £3 billion price tag. It’s high time the UK Government got on with delivering that.”