Sunday, 21 February 2016 14:21

SNP MP: Full transparency from MoD on Nuclear convoys

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SNP MP Owen Thompson has responded to the parliamentary answer received from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) about transparency of information relating to nuclear convoys.
 The MoD has confirmed that they do not display any signs or any visible warnings that convoys transporting material to Scotland in connection with Trident are carrying nuclear loads.

 Owen Thompson's question - reported in this mornings Sunday Herald - shows that convoys which use some of Scotland's busiest roads and travel through urban areas do so completely unannounced, with no transparency over their contents and at all times of the year - even when the weather makes travel difficult,
 Owen Thompson MP commented:
 “This answer from the MoD beggars belief. If the UK government really thinks it is better for people not to know nuclear material is being driven on motorways and through city centres then that is simply untenable .
 “We know that nuclear laden convoys go over the Erskine Bridge and on the Glasgow motorway network as well as on the busy M74 at any time of the day or night the MoD order - often in atrocious weather conditions.
 “Now, in an effort to create even greater secrecy, drivers and passengers travelling alongside those convoys are not even being given transparency over what is being transported.
 “Trident is an obscene and immoral weapon of mass destruction - and at £167 billion pounds its renewal is completely indefensible. To pull the wool over people's eyes about the awful practice of nuclear convoys through our towns and cities, by not even owning up to what is on those trucks is unacceptable.
 “The MoD can be assured I will be raising this again — as the people of Scotland would rightly expect, this practice has to be stopped.”