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Record shows SNP ‘Scotland's party of social justice

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 Marking the UN’s World Day of Social Justice, SNP MSP Kevin Stewart has highlighted the SNP’s strong track record in making Scotland a fairer country – and said that the party will build on this progress if re-elected for a historic third term.

 The SNP in government has mitigated Tory welfare cuts – including ensuring that no one in Scotland is hit with the Bedroom Tax, taken action to widen access to university, with latest figures showing the number of university applications by 18 year olds from the most deprived areas of Scotland are at their highest level ever, shown leadership on fair work and the Living Wage through the Scottish Business Pledge and exceeded the party’s ambitious target of delivering 30,000 affordable homes.

 If re-elected, the SNP has already committed to delivering at least 50,000 new affordable homes over the course of the next Parliament, tackling the attainment gap in Scotland’s schools and investing in and reshaping our NHS to meet the challenges of the future.

 Commenting, Mr Stewart – who sits on the Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee – said:

 “A commitment to social justice is at the heart of the SNP’s commitment to independence – and of our agenda in government.

 “We have a proud record to stand on – exceeding our target of building 30,000 affordable homes, promoting fair work and the Living Wage through the Scottish Business Pledge and encouraging more young people from deprived backgrounds to apply for university by promising to keep tuition free.  

 “We have been proud to play a positive role on the international stage as well, becoming only the second nation in the world to be designated as a fair trade nation, investing more in international development and having world-leading climate change targets as we seek to lead the way towards a low-carbon future.

 “What a contrast to the record of the other parties in Scotland – with the Tories continuing their obsession with austerity and regressive policies and Labour seeking to shift the burden of Tory austerity onto the shoulders of working people.

 “It couldn’t be clearer that it is the SNP which is Scotland’s party of social justice – but there is more work to do to make Scotland a fairer, more prosperous country for everyone who lives here.

 “That’s exactly why the SNP will never rest on our laurels, and why we are committed to building on the progress we’ve made since 2007 – and doing everything we can to seize the opportunity to make Scotland the nation we know it can be, where no one is left behind.”


 Details of World Day of Social Justice can be found here: