Sunday, 14 February 2016 13:17

SNP: “Overwhelming concensus” for post study work visa for Scotland

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The Scottish National Party has today welcomed a report from the Scottish Affairs Committee that found an “overwhelming consensus” among Scotland’s academic and business communities for a post study work visa for Scotland.

 Commenting, Margaret Ferrier MP, a member of the Scottish Affairs Committee, said:
 “It is clear from our report that there is an overwhelming consensus from Scotland’s academic and business communities for a post study work scheme for Scotland.  There is cross party agreement in Scotland and a real desire to see a scheme secured.  
 “The committee was baffled when the Secretary of State for Scotland made a bungling intervention seemingly ruling out a scheme in clear contravention to all the interests involved in this debate. I challenge him to back this report and be a Secretary of State ‘for Scotland’.
 “Without a post study work scheme we are at great risk of falling behind other nations and it makes Scotland a less attractive destination for the brightest and best from around the world.
 “Being bound to the UK’s ‘keep them out’ immigration culture is deeply damaging to Scotland’s higher education institutions and our very different demographics and population trends suggest that we do need a different approach.
 “Scotland has been challenged by the UK Government to grow its population and use what is available within its powers to develop our working age population. A post study work scheme is an easy and convenient way for Westminster to assist with this without any cost to itself.
 “The message is clear: allow us to keep some of the international students that we educate to such a high standard and invite them to help us grow our economy.  Westminster can’t have it both ways –if it is up to us to grow our population then Scotland should control the means to do just that and I hope they back this report.”