Friday, 29 January 2016 16:45

Embassy chases British expat vote -but French-born MSP still has no vote

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 A UK Embassy competition to encourage British expats in France to vote in the EU referendum, where the prize is afternoon tea at a Paris hotel, has highlighted the “absurdity” of the referendum franchise.

 While the UK Government are going to great lengths to register the estimated 500,000 British citizens who live in France, French-born SNP MSP Christian Allard – who lives and works in Scotland – will be unable to vote in the EU referendum.  

 Commenting, Mr Allard said:

 “That the UK Government is offering afternoon tea in Paris as an incentive for British expats to register to vote in France, while denying French people and the citizens of more than 20 other EU countries who live and work in the UK that same vote, only highlights the absurdity of the EU referendum franchise.

 “It is an anti-democratic disgrace that some 2 million EU citizens who, like me, have chosen to make the UK their home will be denied a vote in the EU referendum.

 “In 2014 almost 90,000 EU nationals registered to vote in Scotland’s referendum and played a valued role in Scotland’s democratic debate – while they may be denied a vote in this referendum, I am sure they will play an equally valuable role in the debate.

 “People who live and work in Scotland should have a say in our country’s future. That’s why the SNP will continue to oppose David Cameron’s absurd and undemocratic plans every step of the way.”