Thursday, 28 January 2016 15:38

SCOTTISH Government delivering 75% of new funding for North East

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The Scottish Government is to invest 75 per cent of the total new funding for the North East of Scotland – after the UK Government committed only a ‘disappointing’ £125m to the £504m total.

While the Scottish Government will commit a total of £379 million in new funding for the North East – the UK Government has refused to match this, instead investing only £125 million, despite a series of promises to the people of the North East.

The additional Scottish Government funding will be used to invest in key infrastructure projects, including improving journey times and increasing capacity on key rail links southbound from Aberdeen, and supporting key improvements to the A90/A937 south junction at Laurencekirk.

Commenting, SNP MSP for Aberdeen Central Kevin Stewart said:

“The Tory government has been ramping up the rhetoric on the Aberdeen City Deal for months – only to end up contributing less than a quarter of the total funding for the North East being announced today.  Yet again, David Cameron’s government has over-promised and under-delivered in Scotland.

“While any new investment is welcome from a UK Government which has too often ignored the needs of the North East, viewing it simply as a cash-cow - the fact is that the Prime Minister has simply not lived up to his promises of major funding for the area.  

“Over the years, the Treasury has benefitted from hundreds of billions of pounds of North Sea oil revenues which have flowed from Aberdeen to London – and it’s clear the North East deserves more from this Tory government than is being offered.

“While the Tories’ renege on their promises, the SNP in government is delivering more than three quarters of the total funding – showing once again our commitment not just to investment, but its strong commitment to the North East of Scotland.

“David Cameron should learn lessons from the actions of the SNP in government and commit to serious investment in the North East and right across the country – rather than trying to fob off the people of Aberdeen with this rather underwhelming contribution to a serious package of Scottish Government funding.” 


Details of the deal can be found here:

Total funding: £504m
Scottish Government funding: £379m (75.2%)
UK Government funding: £125m (24.8%)