Wednesday, 27 January 2016 16:20

SNP welcome bedroom tax rulling

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 The Scottish National Party has welcomed a Court of Appeal ruling today that the Tory Government’s bedroom tax is discriminatory.

 The SNP has argued against the bedroom tax since the UK government first proposed it, and the Scottish Government has committed £90million since 2013 to mitigating the impact of the tax on 72,000 households in Scotland – eighty per cent of which are the home of a disabled adult, and around 11,000 households of which have one more children.
 Commenting Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP, the SNP spokesperson on Social Justice and Welfare, said;
 “We welcome this ruling and call on the Tories to scrap this unfair and discriminatory tax on some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in our society.
 “This is a tax that has no support but hits disadvantaged people. It epitomises the uncaring, unthinking and ultimately self-defeating approach of this Tory government.
 “The SNP Scottish Government has committed £90million to mitigate the impact of the bedroom tax in order to ensure that the  72,000 households affected in Scotland avoid the hardship, rent arrears and threats of eviction associated with its introduction.

 “As we have seen from this court case, the impact of this policy has been particularly damaging for those facing domestic abuse, and families with disabled children. In light of this ruling - and the overwhelming evidence of how detrimental this policy has been – the UK government must now think again.”