Tuesday, 26 January 2016 19:42

Tory U-turn on carer's allowance "long overdue"

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The SNP has said the DWP's decision to exempt carers from the benefit cap is "long over-due" and that the Tories must fully investigate the impact of future policies before implementing changes.

 The DWP's controversial benefit cap, which limits the amount of support any one household can receive, was introduced across the UK in 2013 but following a legal challenge from two adult carers a High Court judge ruled last year that the cap "indirectly discriminated against disabled people".

 The DWP announced this week that those claiming carer's allowance would be exempt from the benefit cap.
 Commenting, the SNP’s Social Justice and Welfare spokesperson Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP said:

 “This is entirely the right decision and I am pleased that claimants of carer's allowance will be exempt from the benefit cap but, sadly for far too many, this announcement comes too late.

 “It should not take a legal challenge for the Tories to realise the damage their policies are inflicting on disabled people or for a High Court judge to determine that including carers in the benefits cap actually has a negative impact on the people they look after.

 "This U-turn is long overdue and I hope that the Tories will consider this experience when it comes to other welfare reforms and seek to fully investigate the impact of any cuts long before the changes are implemented.