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The latest data from the A9 Safety Group found that in the first 21 months of the average speed cameras fewer drivers exceeded the speed limit and there had been a 45% reduction in overall casualties.  

The SNP introduced a higher speed limit of 50mph for HGVs at the same time as the introduction of average speed cameras in order to reduce driver frustration.

With an average of 142,000 vehicles travelling on the A9 every day, it is a vital route supporting the economy of the Highlands and Islands.

Design work for the A9 Dualling programme will begin on the Slochd summit – the 15 mile stretch near Inverness - in the new year.

SNP MSP for the Highlands and Islands Maree Todd said:

“The A9’s improving safety record is really reassuring news for the thousands of drivers that use Scotland’s longest trunk road every day as well as those travelling over the busy Christmas holidays.  

“There has been a sustained improvement in driver behaviour and a corresponding fall in collisions and casualties – with 43% fewer fatalities and a 63% reduction in serious casualties between Dunblane and Inverness in the first 21 months of the average speed cameras.  

“Every road death is one too many and the SNP remains steadfastly committed to reducing casualty numbers further.

“Once completed, the dual carriageway will help grow the economy of the Highlands and Islands through improvements, road safety and journey times, as well as better links for public transport and the various tourist and recreational attractions along the route.”


The A9 Safety Group published the latest performance data for the A9 in November 2016. The latest data set contains collision and casualty data up to July 2016 along with other performance data up to September 2016. The report supports previous updates that there continues to be a sustained improvement in driver behaviour and a corresponding fall in collisions and casualties.  Fatal casualties along the A9 corridor within the monitoring area have dropped almost 43% and serious injury casualties by almost 63% when compared with the equivalent benchmark period. This report also identifies significant reductions in the number of drivers detected speeding when compared to enforcement figures before the cameras were installed. This significantly increased level of compliance again supports the change in driver behaviour now evident on the route. The main points from the data monitoring are:

•    The number of fatal casualties between Dunblane and Inverness is down by almost 43% compared to the baseline average

•    The number of serious injury casualties between Dunblane and Inverness is down by almost 63%

•    The overall number of casualties of all classes between Dunblane and Inverness is down by 45%

•    The significantly reduced number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit continues to be sustained

•    The number of vehicles detected by the ASC system which were considered by Police Scotland for further action has remained constant at an extremely low average level of 12 per day (less than 0.03% of the overall volume of vehicles using the route).

Journey time reliability remained consistent across the route during the reporting period.

Further information is available on our publications page.

The A9 Safety Group was recently awarded the prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for its efficiency and evidence based approach.

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