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2016 has been a year of Tory broken promises on Brexit, the SNP has said – with Ruth Davidson’s party giving up on their post-referendum promise to fight for single market membership.

Speaking after the EU referendum, Ruth Davidson said “Retaining our place in the single market should be the overriding priority” and repeatedly backed Scotland’s continued single market membership.

This was just one Tory promise after Brexit that has been dropped by the party, including:

  • Ruth Davidson: “We want to protect and maximise Scotland’s place in Europe the continent and in the European single market.”
  • David Mundell: “My role is to ensure Scotland gets the best possible deal and that deal involves clearly being part of the single market. I am open to Scotland having a slightly different deal if that’s doable.”
  • Adam Tomkins: “Leave should mean that we retain full access to the EU’s single market. Leaving the EU’s political institutions does not mean that we have to leave the EU’s single market, for there are several countries, including Norway—a place the SNP often likes to talk about—that have just such an arrangement.”

Ruth Davidson has since tried to rewrite history over these Tory promises, saying that “that might not be on the table for Britain now”.

Commenting, SNP MSP Joan McAlpine said:

“2016 has been a year of broken promises by the Scottish Tories.

“In the summer the Tories promised that Leave didn’t mean leaving the single market and said they’d make that their ‘overriding priority’.

“Now Ruth Davidson shrugs her shoulders, says it can’t be done and to leave the negotiating to Boris Johnson.

“It’s a sell-out of staggering proportions and Ruth Davidson will have to answer to the folly of a hard Brexit if it’s allowed to go ahead.

“The people of Scotland voted overwhelmingly to Remain in the EU. If Ruth Davidson isn’t willing to stand up for Scotland’s interests in the Brexit debate then they’re not a ‘strong opposition’ – they’re just Theresa May’s little helpers.”