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SNP Transport spokesperson Drew Hendry MP has called for insurance companies to look at offering an auto-enrolment service to remind drivers of the need to have their vehicle pass the annual MoT test for roadworthiness.

The call comes as vehicle defects are estimated to have contributed to nearly 2,000 accidents in the last year involving injuries and at a time of year when drivers are often taking more long journeys to celebrate the season with friends and family, and roads can be in treacherous conditions.

Drew Hendry MP said:

“Keeping your vehicle roadworthy with an up to date MoT is absolutely essential at any time of year – but particularly in the winter months when conditions can become treacherous very quickly.

“An auto-enrolled MOT reminder service provided by insurance companies would, undoubtedly, reduce the risk of accidents on our roads.

“Insurance companies already hold all the information needed to remind customers when their MOT is due and I’m simply asking that they put that information to good use.

“Whilst the Department of Transport and a couple of other insurers already offer an opt-in reminder service, many people are not aware that the service is offered. Often it is something they mean to sign up to but never get round to it.

“By aligning this auto-enrolment MOT Reminder service to the provision of insurance, motorists will be in no doubt as to when their MOT is due. This is particularly pertinent at this time of year when many roads are already hazardous.

“If implemented widely enough, this scheme has the potential to help bring the down the cost of insurance through a reduction in vehicles on the road with defects.”

Figures obtained from the Department of Transport show that 23.40 million cars were first registered 3 years or more ago, and are of right age to require MOT testing. If implemented by insurers, Mr Hendry’s campaign would see the owners of every one of these vehicles, auto-enrolled into a reminder service that tells them when their cars are due for an MOT.
In 2015 vehicle defects were reported as contributing to a total of 1,830 personal injury accidents, including 35 fatal accidents

(GB Data, Source: DfT Table RAS 50001)

23.40 million cars which were first registered 3 years or more ago, and are hence of the right age to require MOT testing (excluding a small number of “classic” cars exempt from the requirement)

(Source: DfT Table VEH 0207)