Saturday, 24 December 2016 07:18


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The Scottish National Party has welcomed the United Nations Security Council vote in favour of resolution 2334 against the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Prior to the vote, SNP Foreign Affairs spokesperson Alex Salmond had written to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson calling on the UK government to support the Egyptian resolution, arguing that the expansion of Israeli settlements would jeopardise the peace process.

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh MP, a member of the SNP Foreign Affairs team who has campaigned for a peaceful two-state solution, said:

"We welcome the UN Security Council vote which sends a clear signal that the expansion of illegal settlements within the West Bank are an obstruction to the pursuit of a successful peace process in the region.

"The expansion of Israeli settlements within the West Bank jeopardises the potential for a viable two state solution and a peaceful resolution to a conflict that has lasted so long and caused so much devastation to both sides."