Wednesday, 21 December 2016 12:08


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SNP MSP Emma Harper will call for an end to the illegal puppy trade in a Holyrood debate today (Wednesday).
With dogs popular as Christmas purchases, Emma Harper will encourage families to consider rehoming an older dog or ensure they buy a puppy from a reputable seller.

The SSPCA has been trying to disrupt the import of farmed puppies from Ireland at Cairnryan, and recommend that anyone buying a dog does so from a licensed seller and insist on seeing the puppy’s mother and, if possible, father before purchase.
Commenting, Emma Harper said:
“Dogs are much-loved friends and companions who bring great joy to many families – but anyone considering buying a dog should take care to buy from a reputable seller.
“Some puppies are bred in horrendous conditions that can lead to illness and death, with thousands brought into the country each year.
“Animal welfare charities recommend that anyone considering having a dog in their family look at rehoming an older dog first – and those who want a puppy should ensure they are buying from a reputable, licensed seller.”